relative logfile-paths for second connection/window broken #130

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When using relative logfile paths the source-directory (and drive) seems to be inconsistent.
When starting puttytray in "d:\puttytray" and using a relative logfile path e.g. "logs&H &Y-&M-&D &T.log" the log for the first connection gets created in "d:\puttytray\logs".
When a second connection (window) is opened, the logfile creation fails.

Using "\puttytray\logs&H &Y-&M-&D &T.log" (notice the leading slash) revealed, that the second logfile creation takes place on "c:"-drive (logfiles get created in "c:\puttytray\logs" if this directory exists).

Somehow puttytray got lost and forgot it's starting directory.


This depresses me a lot. Just so everyone knows.


I reviewed all this code for that problem. I probably got most of them, on non-error paths. If anyone has a reproducible way to break it, please raise a new issue.

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