Quick Jump List broken in Windows 10 #205

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I am running the final, shipped version of Windows 10 and didn't think to test this on my VM running the Tech Preview - quick jump lists do not open for the Putty icon pinned to the task bar. All the pinned/recent connections show up, and you can pin/unpin said connections, but clicking on any of the connections in the list just opens the main putty config window.


I have the same issue. Until build 10130 the whole menu didn't even apear, and since then it just hasn't worked.

carukc commented Jul 31, 2015

Same here... I hope that they are able to fix. I use PuttyTray all the time.


Yup, broken for me as well. Latest release build.

pokmot commented Aug 9, 2015

Same here.


I've attempted to debug this issue but it's tricky as Windows 10 isn't allowing VS2015 to set a JIT debugger for all of Windows (so DebugBreak isn't working).

It doesn't look like PuTTY is getting any command line from the JumpList items. Can someone on Windows 8 please tell me what cmdline is set to when you click on a JumpList item?


This is a known issue in PuTTY upstream, fixed in the current snapshots.

See http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/wishlist/win10-jumplists.html


Interesting. I wonder if that should go to Microsoft as a bug report, too
(to where though?)

On 18 August 2015 at 12:45, MK notifications@github.com wrote:

This is a known issue in PuTTY, fixed in the current snapshots.


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#205 (comment).


@kohenkatz I am running Putty snapshot 2015-8-26.54dcfb0 and jumplists still don't work


@blindpet You need to open each connection once from the PuTTY window in order to "re-register" it in the jump list.


@kohenkatz thank you!


Thanks @kohenkatz , that fix works for me too, so I've cherry-picked it back (4bf1fe3); will be in the next release.

Shame about the re-registering thing, but I'm guessing people will get it fixed for themselves pretty quickly.

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hpawe01 commented Jan 7, 2016

@kohenkatz Thanks for the advice. Works for me as well


I have beta v0.66 installed at windows 10. The jump list is working again but the list is a lot smaller than I had at my previous windows release. Seems that there is a lower maximum of allowed items....

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