Pageant's options Confirm key usage and Persist keys won't get saved. #229

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vovcacik commented Jan 1, 2016

The Confirm key usage and Persist keys context menu options in pageant aren't saved. Changing the options and restarting pageant gives me default values.

If possible, don't save it in registry, implement something portable.


Persist keys stays on if you enable it and add keys, i.e. it is enabled because it was enabled last time. At least, this is what is supposed to happen, and what I expect.

  1. Open pageant for the first time ever.
  2. Enable "persist keys".
  3. Add a key.
  4. Exit pageant.
  5. Relaunch pageant.
  6. pageant has remembered the list of keys, and the "persist keys" setting is on.

Does this match your expectations?

Confirm Key Usage can be enabled by a command-line flag, --confirm (like ssh-agent). Maybe pageant should automatically persist this when it's set to "Start with Windows", or you can add the flag yourself.


There we go.

@FauxFaux FauxFaux closed this Jan 24, 2016

Thank you, that should fix the Confirm key usage option.

I didn't express myself clearly on the issue with Persist keys. It does save keys properly, but it seems I can't disable Persist keys option permanently. So if I don't want pageant to remember the keys I would need to manually remove them or manually disable Persist keys option every time as it stays enabled for me no matter what value it had last time I quit pageant.

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