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Crashes when clicking on a link #41

tahuttun opened this Issue June 25, 2012 · 0 comments

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tahuttun Chris West

Open irssi and write "" to the input line. Add spaces to the begin of the line as long as there is no space after URL.

PuttyTray will crash with message box saying:
PuTTY Fatal Error:
line==NULL in terminal.c
lineno=5919 y=39 w=128 h=39
count(alt=0000000001CDFD50)=39 alt_sblines=14
whichtree=0000000001CDFD10 treeindex=39

FuTTY Develpoment snapshot 2011-04-22:r45 is also affected to this bug.

Tested with

  • 64 bit release & Win7
  • Putty Tray Release p0.62-t010j
Chris West FauxFaux closed this June 25, 2012
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