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Unicode breaks link detection #42

kuukunen opened this Issue June 25, 2012 · 10 comments

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kuukunen Chris West James Ross Berzerker

I hope this comes through the internet fine...

If you type something like this:
(  ゚,_ゝ゚)

It will get the start of the link incorrectly and clicking it will go to http://google.f
And the Problem will be for all links after the unicode string as long as it's on screen.
And adding multiple problematic characters will shift it further, so next it will try to go to: ) http://google.


Oh and I'd like to mention this is absolutely infuriating on IRC channels that tend to use silly unicode. Basically none of the links work by clicking. I know people who have switched to mintty+ssh just because of that one single issue.


Actually, I think it's that character causing problems:
As in " "

Chris West

Yeah, I can reproduce this. I've had a quick look and can't see an immediate fix, and will be away for a few weeks...

Chris West FauxFaux referenced this issue from a commit July 22, 2012
Chris West gh-42: Attempt (and fail) to accomodate characters that need two cols
This doesn't actually fix the problem as the wrong number of characters
end up getting added to the buffer (which really messes everything up),
and doesn't fix the arabic characters that that damn face contains, due
to some weird utf-16 encoding.

There really has to be a better way.

I can reproduce this also.

Having one line is full of the unicode 0x2500 box drawing chars and every link below the line (no matter where unicode line is) will get 'detected' one line above the actual link. So I can not highlight the link hovering over it but the text in exactly one line above. See - it is really annoying :P

Chris West

Yeah, that's the same bug. The code is just so wrong that it's funny.

Chris West FauxFaux closed this August 27, 2012
Chris West

@twpol's fix looks good; will test for a while then release.

Chris West FauxFaux reopened this September 10, 2012
Chris West

Right, apparently "∀" still breaks it. I'm guessing it's a double-width character that chooses to render as single width.
益 the other way.

James Ross twpol referenced this issue from a commit in twpol/PuTTYTray September 10, 2012
James Ross gh-42: Better, more reliable fix for link hitboxes being misaligned o…
…n wide-drawn characters.
James Ross

The problem with the original fix was that it worked entirely by chance on the particular Unicode face given; this new fix is wholy better. :)


Is there a built exe that someone can link for this? Or is there a link somewhere? Thanks.

Chris West

This should be fixed as of p0.62-t011. Any more issues, open new bugs!

Chris West FauxFaux closed this October 08, 2012
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