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While proxying, files are often truncated, issue fixed in PuTTY trunk #61

Viper007Bond opened this Issue Dec 5, 2012 · 6 comments


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This is going to be a mediocre bug report but here we go.

Both PuTTY v0.62 and PuTTYTray v0.62-t013 suffer from an issue where files often get truncated.

For example when I'm proxying a site, jQuery will often not download all the way, stopping at the exact same point. Hard-refreshing sometimes fixes it but roughly 75% of the time it will truncate in that identical spot.

My company's IT guy recommended I try the latest trunk build of PuTTY, saying it was a bug that was fixed in trunk but hasn't made its way into stable yet. Sure enough when I use PuTTY trunk, the issue disappears and images and large files (JavaScript, images, etc.) download fully and perfectly. Of course then I'm stuck with an unstable PuTTY in my taskbar all day while I'm proxying into my work servers. D'oh!

He (my company's IT guy) thinks this is the bug that was causing the issue but isn't sure: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/wishlist/half-closed.html

Sorry I can't provide more details.


stfnm commented Dec 5, 2012

In PuTTYTray this would be bc06669 and 997097d from the next branch which introduce those changes. Looks indeed kinda heavy.

Is there a nightly build of PuTTYTray available anywhere? Unfortunately making my own is outside of my skill set.


stfnm commented Dec 7, 2012

Nope, there isn't. Unfortunately those two patches don't apply cleanly onto the current master branch either; some merge conflicts have to be resolved first. Maybe I'll look into it if I find some free time.


FauxFaux commented Dec 7, 2012

Just to be clear; next is entirely untested beyond me checking it starts after pulling in PuTTY trunk changes. It is very, very likely to have broken "config from file". Take backups and and expect no sympathy.

If you really want to test it, I've dropped a build of next (cbbdf17) at: https://b.goeswhere.com/putty-p0.61-261-gcbbdf17-dbg.exe (ignore the p0.61, artefact of how the branching works). It's unsigned, sha256 is 46b56672352fd3dcd288e1e8f8a540a421e9fcc1bd00aac10074a3b350292bf6. It's a debug build (so will be slower than normal).

I'm entirely undecided about backporting large, non-superficial changes from trunk; any idea if PuTTY are going to do a release or a backport themselves?

Thanks for the build. I'll give it a try the next time I'm pulling my hair out while needing to proxy and encountering this issue.

any idea if PuTTY are going to do a release or a backport themselves?

I don't follow PuTTY development (I'm just a user in this case) but I would assume it eventually would make it into stable otherwise what would be the point of fixing the bug in trunk?


FauxFaux commented Aug 11, 2013

Whey, here we go.

@FauxFaux FauxFaux closed this Aug 11, 2013

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