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Window titles not interpreted according to current charset #88

Jellyfrog opened this Issue Aug 20, 2013 · 5 comments


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Simple test:

echo -ne "\033]0;åäö\007"
Result: åäö
Expected: åäö


PuTTY set to UTF-8
If set inside PuTTY config, it displays correctly.

Found this:

If an escape sequence (e.g. OSC 0) sets the window title bar, the text in the escape >sequence is just sent to the window system for display. We should make sure it is >interpreted according to whatever character set / codepage the terminal emulator is >currently using.

For instance, when charset is set to UTF-8 from PuTTY and locales on the remote >computer are en_US.UTF-8, unicode characters are shown as they vere latin chars.


@FauxFaux FauxFaux added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 20, 2013

@FauxFaux FauxFaux GH-88: use term charset when setting window title
This is a bit of a hack; I started porting window.c to have a wchar_t
window_title, and getting the terminal to do the conversion before passing
the data through, but this gets messy; quite a bit (including settings and
tray) needs to become wchar_t aware before this can work; it seems almost
acceptable to make the windowing stuff make the decision, based on the
information the terminal has available.

FauxFaux commented Aug 20, 2013

That seems to fix it; code's not great; see the commit message.

@FauxFaux FauxFaux closed this Aug 20, 2013

@FauxFaux FauxFaux added a commit that referenced this issue Aug 20, 2013

@FauxFaux FauxFaux GH-88: Actually use the terminal encoding for the title
However, in my tests, various apps I've tested send the title utf-8
encoded /anyway/, regardless of what you ask for with any settings I can
find, and this causes us to return an empty title.  If anyone actually has
a non-utf-8 non-low-ascii setup that they want to report problems with
(the problem being that the title bar just gets truncated), they should
speak up.

I'll compile tomorrow and try :)

Now it works fine! Thanks!


FauxFaux commented Aug 21, 2013

Note to self: the commit message in the third commit, "GH-88: Actually use the terminal encoding for the title" is informative: 6fd9b21

eesau commented Aug 30, 2013

Seems to be broken completely if PuTTY and remote computer are set to ISO-8859-15, window title is blank after login and changing screens or other screen commands won't set the title as they did before. With UTF-8 it is working fine.

@FauxFaux FauxFaux added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 30, 2013

@FauxFaux FauxFaux Revert "GH-88", as it breaks some people (GH-109)
To be revisited at a later date.

This reverts commit 1ca64ea.
This reverts commit 445f9f5.
This reverts commit 6fd9b21.
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