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An SSH SOCKS proxy is perfect proxy when you want to hide you tracks. However, some environments have deep packet inspection (DPI) equipment in place that blocks or throttles all encrypted online communications, rendering your secure SSH useless.

This obfuscated feature can protect your ssh connection be detected by DPI equipment, it's very useful in some country like Iran.

See the following links:

simon and others added some commits Jul 16, 2011
simon Make a branch from just before the destabilising r9214. There have
been a few particularly annoying bugs reported in 0.61, which is only
to be expected given four years of development with not enough people
testing the development snapshots, and so I intend to merge critical
bug fixes only from trunk to this branch and probably release an 0.62
reasonably soon from here.

git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9217 (Jacob's underlining fix).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9221 (the VT100 line drawing fix).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9226 and r9232 (userauth messaging cleanup, fixing spurious
"Access denied" from failed GSSAPI).

git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9254 (the PSCP/PSFTP protocol override fix).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9264 (the Pageant backwards compatibility fix).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9276 (the PuTTYtel session-saving assertion failure fix).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9343 (the new 'pre-release' version type).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9351 (release checklist update). I can easily see myself using
the branch copy of the checklist for 0.62 and forgetting things I only
added to the trunk version :-)

git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9353 (missing bit of 'pre-release' version spport).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9355 (Pageant handle leak fix).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9357 (missing free_prompts).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
simon Merge r9365 (bump version number to 0.62).
git-svn-id: svn:// cda61777-01e9-0310-a592-d414129be87e
@FauxFaux Properly switch to 64-bit manifests 376f788
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: File settings backend 7385cb5
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: Trayicon 0e56433
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: Transparency 9ad05ab
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: Reconnect 1e8261f
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: Menu item for always on top 7f069e9
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: Font defaults for Vista+ 417cbac
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: Tweak default scrollback lines d15efe2
@FauxFaux Ctrl+mousewheel changes font sizes bf98347
@FauxFaux PuTTy Tray 0.60 v3: URL clickability 7120af1
@FauxFaux Build scripts 08d1af3
@FauxFaux Remove GTK 1 configure support, to make it possible to ./configure on…
… Debian
@FauxFaux Use PuTTyTray icon, including 256x256 rendering 511831f
@FauxFaux #5: Build scripts get the version numbers right dda1c99
@FauxFaux #5: Override text and URL in the about dialog 4eb0817
@FauxFaux #7: hack url detection of closing brackets, not disableable 7f756ed
@FauxFaux Allow first commit to be a debug build 437aafa
@FauxFaux Spotify URL support by trusting ShellExecute f62f6c7
@robotslave robotslave gh-9: Fixed hideous rendering of consolas bold.
For detailed explanation, see here:

To reproduce, you need Configuration -> Window -> Colours -> Bolded text is a different colour disabled
@BarryHaanstra BarryHaanstra New puttycfg icon b63b121
@FauxFaux gh-14: Reapply 61af39b; mismerged 952cbae
@FauxFaux gh-2: Transparent icon on x64 through not enough Get*LongPtr 798c585
@FauxFaux build-release signs with signtool 1490d72
@FauxFaux Add GPG key fingerprint 57e9b9c
@stfnm stfnm Fix #20: initialize puttyTrayFlashIcon properly 88aae02
@FauxFaux inst variable never used f43415d
@FauxFaux gh-20: Never smush our backup of the icon, and always reset it even i…
…f we're not minimised at the time
@sztupy sztupy ADB Enhanced Version 99ee499
@stfnm stfnm gh-24: Fix shortcut for "Change icon" button c694fa4
@FauxFaux gh-29: Behaviour tab would crash due to custom icon code
This also makes custom icons not show up in loaded sessions;
you'll always see the default.
@stfnm stfnm Use two rows for "Connection type" in Session menu
When the "Adb" connection type was added the radio buttons got
extremely squashed together and it was no longer possible to read
their labels completely. Therefore splitting them into two rows
seemed like a good idea to me.

Since the space was quite limited already I also increased the
entire height of the config dialog box by 10. This appeared to be
the better option instead of making the "Sessions" control smaller
in its height.
@FauxFaux gh-6: Prepare to unixify de7cedc
@FauxFaux gh-6: Compile with automake on Ubuntu 92cd7a1
@FauxFaux gh-31: Allow jumplisting from file sessions 154fe27
@yumeyao yumeyao GH-38: Fix adb-putty to support multi-devices
To connect a specific device, input device ID in host name
To connect the default device, input a colon(:) in host name
@FauxFaux GH-41: Don't run past the end of the term for urls 972c52b
@FauxFaux build pageant and puttygen 3295ea8
@FauxFaux gh-34: new pageant icon 625d9b7
@twpol twpol gh-42: Fix for wide (two-cell) characters messing up the URL detectio…
…n boxes.
@twpol twpol gh-42: Better, more reliable fix for link hitboxes being misaligned o…
…n wide-drawn characters.
@ztNFny ztNFny Update adb.c
actually start the adb shell
@ztNFny ztNFny gh-51: Fix adb shell for empty host name as well
previous one only fixed it for device id being given
@FauxFaux adb: better error reporting, avoiding empty message boxes 1814431
@FauxFaux adb: use transport-any to allow connecting to the emulator
This is mainly to ease testing; I have no idea what effects
it will have in the real world, but we believe it to be minimal.
simon gh-56: bracketed paste mode
Patch from Matsui Nag to implement xterm's "bracketed paste mode", in
which text pasted into the terminal is preceded and followed by
special function-key-like escape sequences ESC[200~ and ESC[201~ so
that the application can identify it and treat it specially (e.g.
disabling auto-indent-same-as-previous-line in text editors). Enabled
and disabled by ESC[?2004h and ESC[?2004l, and of course off by

Signed-off-by: stfn <>
@zhaili zhaili merge obfuscate ssh feature 203533b
@incognico incognico referenced this pull request May 4, 2013

implemention of potty? #77

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