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# git-store-dirs
# File ID: 8853c3a0-6be6-11df-8fcb-90e6ba3022ac
# Store a list of all directories to $dirfile to be able to restore empty
# directories. The list is \0-separated in case there are some directory names
# containing (ugh) \n. Use git-restore-dirs(1) to recreate directories.
test -d .git/. || { echo $0: Has to be run from the toplevel of the working tree >&2; exit 1; }
find -type d -empty -print0 | grep -E -v -z '/\.git(/|$)' | LC_ALL=C sort -z >$dirfile
test "$(cat $dirfile)" = "" &&
git reset $dirfile
rm $dirfile
echo "$0: No empty directories found, deleting $dirfile" >&2
) || git add $dirfile
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