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@UWCS @TheFrameworkGame @snyk
Andreas Alin aalin
Hi, I like music and graphics.

Stockholm, Sweden / Loreto, Peru

Seb Insua sebinsua

London, UK

Ken Rachynski kenrachynski

Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

Ryan Ryanmtate

@connectFree @EmergentFinancial Tacoma, WA

Josh Michielsen jmickey
Senior Software Engineer @snyk (TS, K8s, AppSec). @breadtubetv dev. 🐕 owner, cyclist, and photographer

@snyk @breadtubetv Cambridge, UK

Wayan Jimmy wayanjimmy

@OkadocTech Jakarta

Art-360-05 Art-360-05
Art-360-05 (The New Generation Singer Artist)
Karen Yavine Shemesh karenyavine
I'm a ray of sunshine. ⚠️ Danger of laughing uncontrollably

@snyk Tel Aviv

Ali Shepherd alishepherd

BlackCat Solutions London

Andrei zang3tsu88

St.Petersburg, Russia

Øx krypt0x
Been there! Done that!

@ConcealNetwork & @TheCircleFoundation systemd

Aaron.L.Xu xuliker
A software engineer to ensure open source software delivers, top notch performance, scalability and power efficiency.

@Intel SHZ Site

Rick rickgeorges

Eastern United States

Andrew Prentice scalarwaves
Rust, Ocaml, ReasonML, Javascript, digital signal processing, and creative coding. tonal-glyph projects are my current focus.

Available for hire Orlando, FL USA

Sze Chan Fourfingerz

Ebates New York City

Linux + Haskell + Emacs = Fire
Vinny Marino vinnymarino
Senior Technical Recruiter @ NewsUK

NewsUK London

estudante de analise de sistemas
Jacob flatrabbit
I sometimes do things, when those things are done I look for other things to do.

PNW, Earth.

Max Blake maxblake95
print("Hello World!") Founder @ Techruiter Previously Tech Recruiter @ Babylon Health & G-Research Connecting engineers to opportunities!

Techruiter London

Prahalad Belavadi prahaladbelavadi
Will leave behind a legacy.

Santa Monica

Diego Siqueira DiSiqueira
A Computer Engineer - A Passionate Backend Developer

HelloFresh (@hellofresh) New York

Joongi Kim achimnol
Research-developer with focus on systems programming

@lablup @Needlworks South Korea

Luke Hatton LukeHatton
Nothing is true,except learning


Terry Williams TerryW9
UCL Computer Science Student

Higher Frequency Trading London, United Kingdom

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