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A Jenkins CI plugin for running Faux Pas on Xcode projects
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Faux Pas Jenkins Plugin

This is a plugin for running Faux Pas in the Jenkins continuous integration server.


This plugin is not yet available in the standard Jenkins repositories, so you must download the .hpi file (from the dist/ folder in this repository) and install it manually via Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Advanced > Upload Plugin in the Jenkins GUI.


  1. Open the configuration page for the desired job
  2. Add build step “Faux Pas”
  3. Configure the project and Faux Pas config file paths for the build step (it is recommended to have a separate Faux Pas configuration file in your project repository for CI — refer to this file here)
  4. Add post-build action “Publish Faux Pas checking results”

It is recommended to configure the minErrorStatusSeverity option in the Faux Pas configuration file — this allows you to control when Faux Pas returns a nonzero exit status (which will break the CI build).


  1. Run mvn package
  2. The built plugin can be found at: target/fauxpas-plugin.hpi
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