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MATSim Server is a Java server that aims to run MATSim simulation
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MATSim Server Build Status

What is MATSim Server ?

MATSim Server is a HTTP server that aims to delegate simulation execution into another machine. Including following features :

  • Distant Execution : Run simulation over a distant machine. Avoid using your personal machine resources, and dispatch as many simulation as you want into a more powerful computing machine. It provides features such as following.

  • RESTFull API : Upload your simulation's initial demand and run it using RESTFull API. Data are validated, then a simulation is started. Once it is done, you can retrieve output data using the API as well.

  • Simulation Monitoring : Track simulation progress whenever you want, including iteration number, and simulation steps (mobsim, scoring, or replanning) as well.

Getting started

Want to start ? Just download MATSim Server java binary and uploads it to your server, once it is done then run it !

Running MATSim Server

Running server is as easy as starting a Java application. Once you have downloaded server jar file and uploaded to your target machine, just run the following command :

java -jar matsim-server.jar

Server file container

By default, server instance will create a directory named .container if not already existing and will write each simulation files on it. If you wish to set another directory as target directory please use the Java property org.matsim.server.container like following :

java -jar matsim-server.jar -Dorg.matsim.server.container=/path/to/your/directory

API documentation

You can find here documentation about REST API provided by a running MATSim Server. Note that produced data(s) are returned to XML format.

  • GET /simulation/actives

Retrieves all running simulations identifier.

  • GET /simulation/{id}/state

Retrieves state of the simulation corresponding to the given id. Returned state will be defined by following attributes :

  • Simulation duration
  • (Optional) Current iteration if running
  • (Optional) Current phase if running
  • POST /simulation/run

Simulation submission. A ZIP archive file is expected containing required initial demand for running simulation. Once data are validated, simulation is started in a distinct thread and could be monitored. A submitted archive should at least contains a file named config.xml which is the simulation configuration file that will be looked for.

  • GET /simulation/{id}/download

Returns a ZIP archive which contains a ran simulation output content. If the simulation hasn't finished yet, or has encountered error, a XML error object will be returned indicating that the simulation output has not been found.

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