Adding language support to Jammy

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Addon API

Jammy provides an API for extending supported language. Such extension should be implemented in a dedicated Eclipse plugin which will contribute to the API extension point. Here is the associated workflow for a problem solving execution :

  • Creating a project
  • Creating a solver file
  • Creating an object that is in charge of executing the solver file with provided input


A language manager provides required features for supporting a language in Jammy. In order to do so, the following ILanguageManager interface should be implemented :


As you can see, three methods are defined :

  • A method that is in charge of creating a valid IProject instance, this project is specific to a given round.
  • A method that is in charge of creating a valid IFile instance, this file will correspond to the solver source file, user should work on.
  • A method for creating an ISolverRunner object.


ISolverRunner interface is used in order to manage solver execution, it consists in a method that starts the solver file, for a given input. And a boolean method that indicates if the execution is terminated or not.


Extension point

Associated OSGi extension point, consists in providing a valid ILanguageManager implementation, and a language name.

Process based addon

Adding a language to Jammy can be done in two ways :

  • Integrating any Eclipse API
  • Implementing a simple process based language execution

For example, Python language could be integrated through PyDev plugin, or by simply running Python binary through command line.

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