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Reusable "Site settings" Django application
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Django simple_settings

simple_settings is a simple and a reusable Django application for providing a simple Site Settings model that has only one instance which is available via a template tag

Quick start

  1. Copy the simple_settings folder to your Django project

  2. Add "simple_settings" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this

  3. Include simple_settings.context_processors.settings into the template context processors inside your

            'OPTIONS': {
                'context_processors': [
  4. Run python makemigrations && python migrate to create the simple_settings model.

  5. Start the development server and visit you will find the new Site Settings application that you can only edit.

  6. To use these settings in your templates, just include {{ settings.FIELD_NAME }}, for example:

            <h2>About us</h2>
  7. To costumize your site settings, go to simple_settings/ and add your fields then run python makemigrations && python migrate again

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