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Knowledge representation and expert systems examples
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Knowledge representation examples

This repository contains some programming exercises for Ontologies and Knowledge representation class in University. It contains until the moment two examples:

Expert System for children Diabetes Diagnosis

Built with Python, using PyKnow library. And there's a tiny Node/Express server for offering a Web api


  • First install pyknow Python package, and Express and python-shell for Node.js, then lunch the server (main.js) in order to use the Web API. All this could be done with this command: pip install pyknow && npm install && node main.js
  • Then open your browser, and past this URL for example.

Now you can play with each parameter

  • age = [int from 0 to 5]
  • glycemie= [ int mmol/l ]
  • Signs, like shakiness, hunger, sweating..= [Boolean: True/False]

Or You can use the python file directly just introduce your facts manually


# ligne 102
engine.declare(Personne(age= int(sys.argv[1]),
                        shakiness= bool(sys.argv[3]),
                        hunger= bool(sys.argv[4]),
                        sweating= bool(sys.argv[5]),
                        headach= bool(sys.argv[6]),
                        diabetic_parents = bool(sys.argv[7]),
                        pale= bool(sys.argv[8]),
                        urination = bool(sys.argv[9]),
                        thirst = bool(sys.argv[10]),
                        blurred_vision = bool(sys.argv[11]),
                        dry_mouth = bool(sys.argv[12]),
                        smelling_breath = bool(sys.argv[13]),
                        shortness_of_breath = bool(sys.argv[14]),

To (for example)

# ligne 102
engine.declare(Personne(age= 2,
                        hunger= True,
                        sweating= True,
                        headach= True,
                        diabetic_parents = False,
                        pale= False,
                        urination = False,
                        thirst = False,
                        blurred_vision = False,
                        dry_mouth = False,
                        smelling_breath = False,
                        shortness_of_breath = False,
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