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Py3 Webscraper for downloading official movie posters in the highest resolution available, using as database

Installation & Quick Usage

Python script:

  • Clone repo git clone
  • Install the dependencies python install
  • Execute python

Executable (Windows & Linux):

  • Download the latest executable from 'releases'
  • After that, just start the PosterDownloader.exe (Windows) or write ./PosterDownloader in the terminal (Linux)
    • Executables are generated with PyInstaller by just writing pyinstaller -F

Usage (as Python script):

./ ["The Dark Knight 2008"] -flags with the movie between brackets being optional and the -flags being:

  • -h, --help Show this help message and exit
  • -f FILE, --file FILE Bath download from a txt file
  • -y, --no-confirm No confirmation required from you
  • -a, --all Download every poster, instead of only the highest resolution available
  • --dry-run Only show what would be done, without modifying files
  • -l, --log Log everything to PosterDownlaoder.log
  • -v, --verbose Verbose/Debug logging
  • -q, --quiet Only log file modifications