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commits from bitcoin/master #354

merged 35 commits into from Jul 16, 2018


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commented Jul 13, 2018

[bugfix] Use __cpuid_count for gnu C to avoid gitian build fail.

net: Remove unused interrupt from SendMessages

doc: Update command line help for -printtoconsole and -debuglogfile (satwo)

RPC: Add new "getzmqnotifications" method

depends: Upgrade Qt to 5.9.6

bitcoin-tx: Stricter check for valid integers

Docs: corrected text to reflect new[er] process of specifying fingerprints

rpc: have verifytxoutproof check the number of txns in proof structure

SHA256 implementations based on Intel SHA Extensions

doc: Rewrite some validation docs as lock annotations

depends: Add RISC-V support

RPCAuth Detection in Logs

test: Fix AreInputsStandard test to reference the proper scriptPubKey

Make signrawtransaction* give an error when amount is needed but missing

refactor: add benchmarks to bech32::Encode/Decode

Remove mapRequest tracking that just effects Qt display.

wallet/keystore: Add Clang thread safety annotations for variables guarded by cs_KeyStore

Use common getPath method to create temp directory in tests.

Free keystore.h from file scope level type aliases

GCC-7 and glibc-2.27 back compat code

ken2812221 and others added some commits Jul 7, 2018

Fix command line help for -printtoconsole and -debuglogfile
#13004 changed the default behavior for printtoconsole but this has not been reflected in the command line help.

This fixes the description of -printtoconsole to reflect this change, and also provides the user with missing information on how to explicitly disable logging to debug.log.

At present I have made the latter update to two separate places (-printtoconsole and -debuglogfile) because a user looking for information on how to disable logging is probably going to look in the "Debugging/Testing Options" section. Moving -debuglogfile from the "General" options category to the "Debugging/Testing" section could potentially remove the need for this redundancy but may be out of the scope of this PR.
Make ZMQ notification interface instance global.
This moves the used instance of CZMQNotificationInterface from a static
variable in init.cpp to a globally-accessible one declared in
zmq/zmqnotificationinterface.h.  The variable is also renamed to
g_zmq_notification_interface, to be consistent with other globals.

We need this to implement a new RPC method "getzmqnotifications" (see
bitcoin/bitcoin#13526) in a follow up.
RPC: Add new getzmqnotifications method.
This adds a new RPC method "getzmqnotifications", which returns
information about all active ZMQ notification endpoints.  This is useful
for software that layers on top of bitcoind, so it can verify that
ZeroMQ is enabled and also figure out where it should listen.

See bitcoin/bitcoin#13526.
Ugrade Qt depends to Qt5.9.4
Depends can now be built with Qt5.9.4 , which is Qt's new long term
support version.
Fix depends Qt5.9.4 mac build
Apply patch from QTBUG-67286
bitcoin-tx: Stricter check for valid integers
Just calling atoi to convert strings to integers does not check for
valid integers very thoroughly; in particular, it just ignores
everything starting from the first non-numeral character.  Even a string
like "foo" is fine and silently returns 0.

This meant that bitcoin-tx would not fail if such a string was passed in
various places where an integer is expected (like the locktime or an
input/output index); this means that it would, for instance, silently
accept a typo and interpret it in an unexpected way.

In this change, we use ParseInt64 for parsing strings to integers,
which actually verifies that the full string is valid as number.
New tests in the bitcoin-util-test cover the new error paths.
RPCAuth Detection in Logs
This adds a log entry for when RPCAuth is used.

Update httprpc.cpp
Fix AreInputsStandard test to reference the proper scriptPubKey
This value doesn't affect the outcome of the test, because the values are
properly set on line 351, but this makes the test values internally coherent.
Error on missing amount in signrawtransaction*
Signatures using segregated witness commit to the amount being spent,
so that value must be passed into signrawtransactionwithkey and
signrawtransactionwithwallet. This ensures an error is issued if that
doesn't happen, rather than just assuming the value is 0 and producing
a signature that is almost certainly invalid.
Remove useless mapRequest tracking that just effects Qt display.
I thought we had removed this a long time ago, TBH, its really
confusing feedback to users that we display whether a tx was
broadcast to immediate neighbor nodes, given that has little
indication of whether the tx propagated very far.

winder and others added some commits Jul 12, 2018

Refactors `keystore.h` type aliases.
This squashed commit either encapsulates type alias declarations at the appropriate scope; or removes type aliases that are not used.

The encapsulated type aliases are declared using C++11's `using` notation in favor of the `typedef` notation.

@Bushstar Bushstar merged commit c0e0dc3 into FeatherCoin:master Jul 16, 2018

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