@FeatherCoin FeatherCoin released this Nov 21, 2017

Assets 9

This is a bug fix release, which also has improved speed of block chain synchronization

Please report bugs using the issue tracker at github:



Problem with Static Builds with Windows (issue #155)
copyright updated (issue #156)
changes in message displays (issue #157)
new protocol version number (issue #158)
changes to unit tests (issue #159)
fix to format errors on Multisig GUI page (issue #160)
solo mining not working, getwork borken (issue #166)
ACP in advisory mode crashes cliend (issue #169)
ACP enforced config parameter not handled correctly in 0.9.6 (issue #170)
fix to connections problems for incomming connections from 0.11.x nodes (issue #171)
fix to gui display problems (# issue #180)
updates to configure script to fix dependicy detection problems (issue #190)
RPC dumpwallet issue empty content (issue #236)
Zxing header files are required, even if --with-qrcode=no is defined (issue #249)