@tthuem tthuem released this Oct 20, 2014 · 3827 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2
  • Support for arbitrary feature names in feature diagram and constraint dialog
    (features containing whitespace must be placed within quotation marks in the
    constraint dialog; works only when no generator is selected for this project)
  • Enhanced removal of features that occur in cross-tree constraints (feature
    references in constraints are replaced by other features if possible)
  • Warnings for indeterminate hidden features (a hidden feature H is
    indeterminate if there is no constraint A <=> H, where A is a conjunction of
    non-hidden features and there is no logically equivalent non-hidden feature
    that can be used to determine the selection of H)
  • Enhanced collaboration diagram with support for printing, showing
  • Support for colors in Antenna and Munge projects as known from
  • Detection of contradictions and tautologies in preprocessor directives for
    Antenna and Munge
  • Efficiency of feature diagram drawing improved