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Add CLI entrypoint #493

merged 12 commits into from Apr 16, 2019
@@ -1,8 +1,10 @@
import click
import pandas as pd
import pkg_resources

import featuretools
from featuretools.primitives.utils import get_featuretools_root
from featuretools.utils import get_installed_packages, get_sys_info
@@ -14,9 +16,36 @@ def cli():
def info():
print("Featuretools version: %s" % featuretools.__version__)
print("Featuretools installation directory: %s" % get_featuretools_root())
print("\nSYSTEM INFO")
sys_info = get_sys_info()
for k, stat in sys_info:
print("{k}: {stat}".format(k=k, stat=stat))

installed_packages = get_installed_packages()
deps = [
("numpy", installed_packages['numpy']),
("pandas", installed_packages['pandas']),
("tqdm", installed_packages['tqdm']),
("toolz", installed_packages['toolz']),
("PyYAML", installed_packages['PyYAML']),
("cloudpickle", installed_packages['cloudpickle']),
("future", installed_packages['future']),
("dask", installed_packages['dask']),
("distributed", installed_packages['distributed']),
("psutil", installed_packages['psutil']),
("Click", installed_packages['Click']),
("scikit-learn", installed_packages['scikit-learn']),
("pip", installed_packages['pip']),
("setuptools", installed_packages['setuptools']),
for k, stat in deps:
print("{k}: {stat}".format(k=k, stat=stat))


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gsheni Apr 16, 2019

Author Contributor

Replace the underscore with a dash to be more consistent with other CLI tools.
pallets/click#1123 (comment)

def list_primitives():
with pd.option_context('display.max_rows', None, 'display.max_columns', None, 'display.max_colwidth', -1, 'display.width', 1000):
@@ -25,6 +54,14 @@ def list_primitives():

for entry_point in pkg_resources.iter_entry_points('featuretools_cli'):
loaded = entry_point.load()
if hasattr(loaded, 'commands'):
for name, cmd in loaded.commands.items():
cli.add_command(cmd=cmd, name=name)
except Exception:

if __name__ == "__main__":
@@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
import subprocess

def test_info():
subprocess.check_output(['featuretools', 'info'])

def test_list_primitives():
subprocess.check_output(['featuretools', 'list-primitives'])
@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
from featuretools.utils import get_installed_packages, get_sys_info

def test_sys_info():
sys_info = get_sys_info()
info_keys = ["python", "python-bits", "OS",
"OS-release", "machine", "processor",
"byteorder", "LC_ALL", "LANG", "LOCALE"]
found_keys = [k for k, _ in sys_info]
assert set(info_keys).issubset(found_keys)

def test_installed_packages():
installed_packages = get_installed_packages()
requirements = ["pandas", "numpy", "tqdm", "toolz",
"PyYAML", "cloudpickle", "future",
"dask", "distributed", "psutil",
"Click", "scikit-learn"]
assert set(requirements).issubset(installed_packages.keys())
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
# flake8: noqa
from .cli_utils import get_installed_packages, get_sys_info
from .entry_point import entry_point
from .gen_utils import is_string, make_tqdm_iterator
from .pickle_utils import load_features, save_features
@@ -0,0 +1,42 @@
import locale
import os
import platform
import struct
import sys

import pkg_resources

# Modified from here
def get_sys_info():
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kmax12 Apr 16, 2019


can we add a test case that calls get_installed_packages and get_sys_info even if it doesn’t check the outputs? that would at least catch any runtime errors

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gsheni Apr 16, 2019

Author Contributor


"Returns system information as a dict"

blob = []

(sysname, nodename, release,
version, machine, processor) = platform.uname()
("python", '.'.join(map(str, sys.version_info))),
("python-bits", struct.calcsize("P") * 8),
("OS", "{sysname}".format(sysname=sysname)),
("OS-release", "{release}".format(release=release)),
("machine", "{machine}".format(machine=machine)),
("processor", "{processor}".format(processor=processor)),
("byteorder", "{byteorder}".format(byteorder=sys.byteorder)),
("LC_ALL", "{lc}".format(lc=os.environ.get('LC_ALL', "None"))),
("LANG", "{lang}".format(lang=os.environ.get('LANG', "None"))),
("LOCALE", '.'.join(map(str, locale.getlocale()))),
except (KeyError, ValueError):

return blob

def get_installed_packages():
installed_packages = {}
for d in pkg_resources.working_set:
installed_packages[d.project_name] = d.version
return installed_packages
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