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Clight is a C user daemon utility that aims to fully manage your display.
It was heavily inspired by calise in its initial intents.

For a guide on how to build, features and lots of other infos, head to Clight Wiki Pages.
Note that Wiki pages will always refer to master branch.
For any other info, please before opening an issue, head to FAQ.
If the issue is not listed there, feel free to open a new one!

Last, but not least, special thanks to all people involved in Clight!


Clight allows to match your backlight level to ambient brightness, computed by capturing frames from webcam or Ambient Light Sensors.
It does also support adjusting external monitors and keyboard backlight.
Moreover, it can manage your screen temperature, just like redshift does.
Finally, it can dim your screen after a timeout and manage screen DPMS.

Note that all its features are available on both X, Wayland and tty and can be turned off from its config file.
On wayland Clight requires specific protocols to be implemented by your compositor; have a look at


Github user nullobsi created a (super nice!) qt gui for clight, with a useful tray applet too.
Remember to check it out:!

Developers Corner

Clight makes use of Clightd, a system DBus service that exposes an API to manage various aspects of your screen and allows Webcam/ALS devices captures.
Its API is as generic as possible and it has nothing specifically for Clight; this means anyone can make use of it.
If you are interested, please have a look at its wiki pages too!
Indeed i even developed a super simple Clight clone as an hello world application in Go:
It is much simpler than Clight for obvious reasons and i do not expect to develop it further.

Both Clight and Clightd make use of libmodule, a C library developed with modularity in mind that offers a simple actor framework for C, with an integrated event loop.

Morever, note that Clight exposes a DBus API itself too; it allows quickly testing config values or building scripts around it, some of which you can find in Clight FAQ:
The DBus API first and main user is clight-gui.
Finally, it can also be expanded through Custom modules that enable users to build their own plugins to further customize Clight behaviour.


This software is distributed with GPL license, see COPYING file for more informations.