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Clightd status

Packaging status

Clightd is a bus interface that lets you easily set/get screen brightness, gamma temperature and display dpms state.
Moreover, it enables getting ambient brightness through webcam frames capture or ALS devices.

It works on both X, Wayland and tty.
On wayland specific protocols need to be implemented by your compositor; have a look at {Gamma, Dpms, Screen} wiki pages.

Clightd is used as a backend by Clight.

For a guide on how to build, features and lots of other infos, refer to Clightd Wiki Pages.
Note that Wiki pages will always refer to master branch.
For any other info, please feel free to open an issue.

Arch AUR packages

Clightd is available on AUR as both stable or devel package: .
Note that devel package may break in some weird ways during development. Use it at your own risk.


This software is distributed with GPL license, see COPYING file for more informations.


A linux bus interface that lets you change screen brightness, compute captured webcam frames brightness and change screen temperature.





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