PBKDF2 hash is not 32 bytes long on 64bit #34

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tloris commented Apr 26, 2013

I'm new to all of this; I usually just use the tools provided by awesome ppl like you, so I'm not sure how relevant this is.

As part of a project I am working on your library was included, and there was no problem on 32bit python2.7 version at work. But at home I'm using a 64bit one and I kept getting
"RuntimeError("The PBKDF2 hash is not 32 bytes long. The pycrypto library might be missing.")".
I looked around a bit and figured the problem was the hash was too long, not to short, so I shortened it. It works (apparently) flawlessly now. Since couple of ppl on the same project had this problem, and didn't find any solution on the internet, I thought I might mention this here.


Thank you for your bug report. I replicated the problem on a 64bit system, however I got an empty hash, not a longer one.


i'm seeing a similar problem, but in my case - the hash is empty ('').
any hints? (running on a macbook air 10.8.3)



not sure why, but uninstall and reinstall pycrypto seem to have fixed the problem


Empty hashes are due to a bug in Beaker - see patch in bbangert/beaker#42
The fact that reinstalling pycrypto fixes that could be due to Beaker packaging/installation issues.


@tloris - how long was the hash that you got? Was Cork running on Jython? Can you provide steps to reproduce it?


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