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This is the source code for

It's made with:

  • Flask (python3),
  • PostgreSQL,
  • HTML5/CSS (with HTML5 boilerplate)
  • Was hosted on Heroku (<3 for them) but now it's hosted on Linode (<3 for them too)

Please note: The logo is handmade by Antonio Di Rosso so you should not use it in other projects.


  • You should have Postresql and Python 3.6 installed.
  • Create a user and a database for, and import the isitdown.db file.
  • Give run permissions: chmod +x
  • Open a terminal, and run ./ to create the virtual environment and download the required packages.
  • Type source .venv/bin/activate to activate the virtual environment
  • Add the database connection uri as enviornment variable: export DATABASE_URI=postgresql://username:password@localhost/database. You can add a PORT variable to ovverride the default listening port (5000).
  • Finally, run python3 to run the site.

There is also a flask.wsgi.template used to install it in apache.


  • DATABASE_URI: The database connection string.
  • PORT: The port to listen on
  • FLASK_ENV: With development, it will print useful debug messages.


Please check the LICENSE file.