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BigPapa Web Insights
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BigPapa Web Insights

BigPapa glues Google Cloud Storage with BigQuery to provide an alternative to Google Analytics.

Some Benefits

  • Tracks most user interactions from day 1 like Heap
  • Ad-blocking is less of an issue than for popular scripts (GA, Tag Manager)
  • No sampling and no event limits
  • Custom analytics with BigQuery + DataStudio for reporting
  • Serverless scaleable cloud solution where you own the data


  1. Create a billable project in Google Cloud Console
  2. Open Cloud Shell for this project
  3. Type:
git clone
cd bigpapa
sh mytracker123
  1. Put this tracking code on any website:
<script src="" async></script>
  1. Enjoy hourly updates of mytracker123.logs table which can be aggregated and visualized with DataStudio
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