Mootools plugin, for build the hierarchical/dynamic select
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mooOptionTree - it simple MooTools plugin that allow build the hierarchical/dynamic select list


  • Mootools 1.3 or height

##usage ####HTML

<div id="select-tree"></div>


  //some options configuration
  var options = {
    name: 'select_item', //default name for select
    choose: 'Choose...', //string with text if no option was selected
    empty_value: '', //what value to set the input if no valid option was selected
    request_url: null, //url for children request in JSON, will be POST request with query: mooOptionTree=1&id=PARENT_ID,
    loading_image: '', // link to image, show an ajax loading graphics (animated gif) while loading ajax (eg. /ajax-loader.gif)
    preselect: [], //array with ids of elements that selected. IMPORTANT: (3 != '3') ... 3 not the same as '3'
    labels: [], //array of labels for each level
    instant_init: true // whether build selects in initialisation time or init later using init()
  //object that contain information about first <select>, in format 'id':'Title'
  var base_select_tree = {
    '1':'Title one',
    '2':'Title two'

  //object that contain information about tree of selects, in format 'parent_id':{'child_id':'child Title'}
  //it is not required if you specified "request_url" in options, that will be used for JSON request
  //also with "request_url" it can be used as pre cached info 
  var select_tree = {
    '1':{'3':'Title for 3','4':'Title for 4'},
    '2':{'5':'Title for 5','6':'Title for 6'},
    '6':{'10':'Title for 10','33':'Title for 33'}
    //and so on
  var tree = new mooOptionTree('select-tree', options, base_select_tree, select_tree);
  //change event
    var id = changed.get('value');
    alert('Selected id is: ' + id);
  //reset selected items, back to init state
  //for full reset, with cleare preselected use resetTree(true) 
  //if you have preselected items and want use "changed" event, 
  //then better use init manualy:
  options.instant_init = false;
  var tree = ...
  tree.addEvent('changed',function(changed){ ... });
  //init manualy