GitHub Sensitive Information Leakage(GitHub敏感信息泄露监控)
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GSIL(GitHub Sensitive Information Leakage)


Monitor Github sensitive information leaks in near real time and send alert notifications.


Python3(Python2 is not tested)

$ git clone
$ cd gsil/
$ pip install -r requirements.txt


gsil/config.gsil(Rename by config.gsil.example): Alarm mailbox and Github configuration

host :
# SMTP port (Not SSL port, but will use TLS encryption)
port : 25
# Multiple senders are separated by comma (,)
mails :
from : GSIL
password : your_password
# Multiple recipients are separated by comma (,)
to :

# Whether the scanned data will be cloned to the local area immediately
# Clone to ~/.gsil/codes/ directory
clone: false

# Github Token, multiple tokens are separated by comma (,)
tokens : your_token

gsil/rules.gsil(Rename by rules.gsil.example): scanning rules

Generally, The best rule is the characteristic code of the intranet(Example: mogujie's extranet is, intranet is At this time, can be used as a rule)

There are other similar code head characteristic code, external mailbox characteristic code, and so on

field meaning optional default describe
keyword key word required - When multiple keywords are used, space segmentation is used(Example: 'username password'), When you need a precise search, use double(Example: "")
ext file suffix optional all suffixes Multiple suffixes are separated by comma(Example: java,php,python)
mode matching mode optional normal-match normal-match(The line that contains the keyword is matched, and the line near the line is matched) / only-match(Only the lines that match the key words) / full-match(Not recommended for use)(The search results show the entire file)
    # usually using the company name, used as the first parameter to open the scan(Example:`python test`)
    "test": {
        # General use of product name
        "mogujie": {
            # Internal domain name of the company
            "\"\"": {
                # mode/ext options no need to configure by default
                "mode": "normal-match",
                "ext": "php,java,python,go,js,properties"
            # Company code's characteristic code
            "copyright meili inc": {},
            # Internal host domain name
            "": {},
            # External mailbox
            "": {}
        "meilishuo": {
            "": {},
            "": {}


$ python test

# Verify tokens validity
$ python --verify-tokens
$ crontab -e

# Run every hour
0 * * * * /usr/bin/python /var/app/gsil/ test > /tmp/gsil
# Send a statistical report at 11 p. m. every night
0 23 * * * /usr/bin/python /var/app/gsil/ --report
  • Once the scan report will not repeat the report, the cache records in ~/.gsil/ directory *