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fcc is the compiler for Neat, my D-lite language.
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.kdev4 add lambda as alternative to backslash for defining lambdas
ast Add default-null parameter "prompt" to sys.readln for api compat with…
doc Add memory profiler format, implementation and associated utilities
euler Implement a bunch of Project Euler problems in Neat. Don't look at th…
nehe Optimize array concat chains
newell_teaset Tea time.
std Fix VERY silly error with getDataPath/getConfigPath
tests small stuff
utils Add memory profiler format, implementation and associated utilities
.gitattributes PNGs are binary data. Just to be clear.
.gitignore update gitignore fix download link
alloc.d Performaaaaaance
base.d Raspberry Pi fixes for float handling
bench.nt Improved double performance and small fry
bughunt.d Highly questionable speed tweaks Removed silliness
cache.d Tiny speed improvements, Windows native compilation support
cairotest.nt Bunch of stdcall fixes that have been piling up for a time, make free…
casts.d Remove dead code from ast.vector
classgraph.d Optimizer is now invoked multithreadedly, GC is used less in general.…
cltest.nt Irrelevant small stuff
cpuid.nt Static arrays have been using x syntax for a while now.
dwarf2.d Small assorted fry
edp.nt Bring edp.nt up to speed
errors.d Improve iterator error messages. Fixes #11.
fcc.d Not sure what this was needed for.
fcc.kdev4 Small assorted fry
fflame.nt fflame improvements (option handling, png output)
freetype.h Capture entire delegate expression with octothorpe
gd.nt Unbreak templated function parsing for win32's weak symbol stuff
gears.nt std.lib.glfw3 now depends on 3.0.3.
gtktest.nt Bunch of stdcall fixes that have been piling up for a time, make free…
hello.nt Implement vec?f to vec?i cast, use it to implement fastfloor3f in a w…
hellochip.nt Add Chipmunk binding, texture framework from star game project
hellosfml.nt A whole bunch of small stuff, all at once!!
interpret.nt assorted small fry and gtk improvements
letter-a.png Local update.
letter-b.png Local update.
libgd.nt Update libgd.nt
llvmfile.d Add nontemporal= assignment for nontemporal store (hints at llvm)
llvmtype.d strict-alias rewrite: make C typedefs more strict to improve error ch…
memconserve_stdfile.d Tiny speed improvements, Windows native compilation support
mob.nt Port man-or-boy test to short-hand delegate literals fix natdoc
parseBase.d Fix subtle cache-related issue by permanently caching vardecl exprs (…
pyramid.nt make pyramid.nt at least compile (for now)
qtbind.cpp Performaaaaaance
qttest.nt Performaaaaaance
quickformat.d Remove incremental mode loop, replace with "proper" incremental build…
quicksort.d Highly questionable speed tweaks
reduce.nt Rename seq() to cat()
sdl.nt std.lib.glfw3 now depends on 3.0.3.
sdl_ttf.nt make sdl work under windows
sdltest.nt Speed up dynamic class cast by using ClassData* instead of string nam…
simplex.nt Improve memory cleanup in std.util
smtest.nt Rename "autoLock foo" to "LockedMutex:foo", add UnlockedMutex as the …
sndtest.nt bring sndtest.nt in line with qbasic's play
snoise3.c Assorted small fry
speed.c Added optimized [GC]C impls of stamp_ptr and noise3, to be used as so…
sqlite3.nt Fix sqlite crash due to double finalization
teapot.nt Change '0..-1' from "iterate all ints" to "iterate nothing" for sanit…
tetris.nt Small fixes
threadlocals.c :(
threads.nt Language renamed to Neat, filename extension changed to ".nt".
xpar_bisect.nt fix optimizer issue where it would overoptimize main, breaking the es…

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