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module qttest;
import std.string;
extern(C) {
void qt_init();
void qt_fini();
void* alloc_binding(int);
void* lookup_class_method(char* classname, char* methodname);
void* stack_add_voidptr(void* prev, void* value);
void* call_method(void* method, void* object, void* stack);
void* make_binding(char* classid, void* object, void* stack);
void* alloc_string(char* ptr, int length);
void* call_method(void* object, string classid, string methid, void*[] args = void*[]:null) {
void* stack = stack_add_voidptr(null, null);
for auto arg <- args stack = stack_add_voidptr(stack, arg);
auto cm = lookup_class_method(toStringz classid, toStringz methid);
if (!cm) {
raise new Error "Method not found for $$classid ::$methid";
return .call_method(cm, object, stack);
pragma(linker, "qtbind.o");
pragma(lib, "stdc++");
pragma(lib, "smokeqtgui");
pragma(lib, "png");
shared void* binding;
void set_binding(void* obj, string classname) {
make_binding(toStringz classname, obj, null.stack_add_voidptr(null).stack_add_voidptr(binding));
void* allocate(string classname, flags = "", void*[] args = void*[]:null) {
auto obj = call_method(null, classname, "$classname$flags", args);
if (!obj) {
raise new Error "Unable to allocate $classname with $flags and $args";
set_binding (obj, classname);
return obj;
void* toQStr(string s) {
return alloc_string(s.ptr, s.length);
class QtObject {
string classname;
void* classp;
void init(string cn) {
classname = cn;
classp = allocate(classname);
void init(string cn, string str) {
classname = cn;
classp = allocate(classname, `$`, [toQStr str]);
void init(string cn, string code, void*[] arr) {
classname = cn;
classp = allocate(classname, code, arr);
void* call(string method) {
return call_method(classp, classname, method, null);
void* call(string method, void*[] args) {
return call_method(classp, classname, method, args);
void* call(string method, QtObject obj) {
return call_method(classp, classname, method, [obj.classp][]);
void main(string[] args) {
binding = alloc_binding(0);
args = string[]:null ~ "qttest" ~ args;
char** argv = [for arg <- args: toStringz arg].eval[].ptr;
int argc = args.length;
// set smoke binding
auto qapp = new QtObject ("QApplication", `$?`, [void*:&argc, void*:argv]);
auto qbutton = new QtObject ("QPushButton", "Hello World");
auto qlabel = new QtObject ("QLabel", "Hello <b>World</b>");
auto qgs = new QtObject "QGraphicsScene";
auto qgv = new QtObject ("QGraphicsView", `##`, [qgs.classp, null]);
auto qpm = new QtObject ("QPixmap", "smooth-rock-tex0-512.png");
auto qgpi = new QtObject ("QGraphicsPixmapItem", `###`, [qpm.classp, null, null]);`addItem#`, qgpi);
auto prog = new QtObject ("QProgressBar");`setMinimum$`, [void*:0]);`setMaximum$`, [void*:100]);`setValue$`, [void*:60]);
using new QtObject("QSplitter", `$`, [void*:0]) {
using auto sp = new QtObject("QSplitter") {
call(`addWidget#`, qbutton);
call(`addWidget#`, qlabel);
call(`addWidget#`, qgv);
call(`addWidget#`, sp);
call(`addWidget#`, prog);
writeln "exec";
int ret =`exec`);
writeln " => $ret";`~QApplication`);
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