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Space game / artificial intelligence battleground
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Cycles of War

This game is all about planets. Players try to acquire them all in order to win. Their only way of interacting, though, is to send a fleet from a planet they own to any other planet in the universe. When any of the fleets arrives at its target, an automatic battle will be fought the winner of which will be in possession of the planet afterwards. This is very convenient, because planets automatically produce troops that can then be send off to new worlds again.

This game / artificial intelligence battleground was developed, because my fingers are too thick and too slow to beat a pretty similar game on my phone. So instead of fighting my touch display to make the phone carry out my cleverly laid out strategies, I wanted to be able to just write down the strategy and see it succeeding in a Ender-Wiggin-Like punsh fest. So one long afternoon in the university I built the foundation for the project, followed by two more weeks of evenings in the flow, where the whole API was hardened and sparring bots were born. Since then the many brave students and collegues have thrown their champions into the arena to demonstrate their superity. Thanks to them we have a very fine selection of worthy opponents. Thanks to Markus, we furthermore have very beautiful optics now.


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I you want to get started, please read the MANUAL.

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