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A free e-commerce solution based on the Jamstack

Explanatory article

Live demo

Use Stripe's test card to complete checkout (4242 4242 4242 4242).

Technologies/services used:

  • FaunaDB (to keep track of inventory)
  • Netlify
  • Stripe
  • SendGrid (to send email confirmations to customers)
  • Cloudinary (optional, you could simply use the static folder)

Also, this is based on the sapper-template.

How to use this?

Afther you clone and run this locally, you'll need to create a .env file containing the following values:


Setup the Stripe Webhook

You'll need to send the checkout.session.completed webhook to <yourURL>/.netlify/functions/mark-sold. Use the Stripe-cli to test webhooks locally. Stripe doc on webhooks

If you want to make use of a database

You'll need to follow faunaDB official documentation to hook it up with Netlify. Create a new database, a new collection (mine is called "paintings"), documents in the collection and a new index (mine is called "all"). You'll also need to update the src/stores.js file so that the products array matches your databases entries. You could remove the products array and load everything from the DB, but there is a performance trade-off for that.

Also, look for the // * MARK ITEMS AS SOLD HERE 🚨 comment and uncomment that code.

If you don't need a database

You can remove functions/get-products.js entirely and the loadProducts() funcion in src/routes/index.svelte. Also, update the products array in src/stores.js so that the "sold" property of products is set to true or false rather than "loading".

Running on localhost

The easiest way to run this on localhost is with the netlify-cli.

npm install netlify-cli -g

cd into your project folder and run ntl dev