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Simple Timeline

A tool to visualize the passing of time

This was initially a school project. I enjoy using it to keep track of my life, so I revived it and even gave it on its own domain.


Honestly, this project is a mess. The first version was built with JQuery and vanilla PHP (LAMP). By a student.

I've since changed the architecture à la Jamstack.

Replaced JQuery with Svelte and Sapper. (But you can still feel JQuery's ghost in the way code is organized/unorganized.(Yes, I know, I'm the one to blame for that, not JQuery.))

Replaced the MySQL database with Fauna and GraphQL (which isn't used to its full potential at all).

The hosting and authentication is handled by Netlify. (This part is well done. Thanks Netlify!)

I never wrote a single test 🤠

So, if you feel like contributing, maybe send me a message and I'll help you out. At the time of writing, Simple Timeline does what I need it to do and, even though the code is as ugly as its UI/UX, I need to move on to more important projects.

Don't fear using it though! Again, it does what I intented it to do beautifully: timelines.


This project relies heavily on vis-timeline by vis.js.