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Iota Library C# Implementation
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C# .NET 4.6 / .NET Standard Port of the IOTA lib (, build to fit into Clean Architecture (see below).


More information:

Build Status


This project was set up a little different from most (except the python one) IOTA libs, since Clean Architecture enables you to follow the SOLID principles ( pretty easy.

Supported Operations

Next Up:

**Curl Performance**
**Flash Channels**
Operation (Core) Supported Operation (Extended) Supported
getNeighbors Yes broadcastAndStoreTransaction Yes
getNodeInfo Yes getAccountData Yes
addNeighbors Yes getBundle Yes
removeNeighbors Yes getInputs Yes
getTips Yes getLatestInclusion Yes
findTransactions Yes getNewAddresses Yes
getTrytes Yes getTransfers Yes
getInclusionStates Yes prepareTransfers Yes
getBalances Yes replayBundle Yes
getTransactionsToApprove Yes sendTransfer Yes
attachToTangle Yes sendTrytes Yes
interruptAttachingToTangle Yes
broadcastTransactions Yes
storeTransactions Yes
wereAddressesSpentFrom Yes
checkConsistency Yes

In addition to all operations you can also do the Proof of Work locally via CPU. Please note that this is very time consuming and might not be feasible for large bundles.



If you want to contribute, please feel free to grab an issue or implement more features.


The library uses the C# Port of Bouncy Castle (



.NET 4.6.1:
.NET Standard 2.0:


.NET 4.6.1:
.NET Standard 2.0:

Getting started

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