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SwitchyOmega is free software. We care about your privacy as much as you do. We don't share your data with anyone except for options syncing purposes. All user data usages are listed below.

You don't have to trust me for this. Feel free to read the source code to see what exactly SwitchyOmega does, or consult an expert on this.


SwitchyOmega does not implement any proxy protocol. Instead, SwitchyOmega tells the browser about the proxy to use for each request and let the browser do its job. We don't modify any web request or response in any way. We don't insert ads or other scripts into pages. We promise that we won't send your request to any other server.

SwitchyOmega does not provide proxy servers. We have no control over proxy servers you configure. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that those proxies are reliable. SwitchyOmega cannot prevent proxy servers from tracking you, inserting ads into web pages or doing other harm to you. Please contact your network operator or proxy server operator and check their privacy policy for proxy usage.


SwitchyOmega allows you to synchronize options across devices. Syncing is optional and can be disabled at any time at Options > Import/Export > Syncing.

Syncing service is provided by Chrome Sync which uploads data to Google. Chrome Sync also requires you to sign in to Chrome, but SwitchyOmega does not have access to your account information during the process. Please check Google Privacy Policy on this.

Web Request Monitoring

SwitchyOmega optionally allows you to show failed resources for each tab. If enabled in Options > General > Network Requests, SwitchyOmega will track web requests that fail to load and summarize them by tab and then domain and display them on extension badge and popup menu. The information is only processed shortly in memory for the sole purpose of this feature. We do not store web browsing activity locally or upload them to a remote server.


SwitchyOmega 是自由软件。我们尊重您的隐私权。除了选项同步功能以外,我们不会将您的数据提供给任何人。以下列出了所有 SwitchyOmega 使用数据的方式。

当然,您不必听信我们的一家之言。您可以通过阅读源代码来了解 SwitchyOmega 的具体行为,或者咨询该方面的专业人士。


SwitchyOmega 不实现任何代理协议。 SwitchyOmega 只告知浏览器对于每个请求应该使用什么代理,然后让浏览器自行完成工作。我们不以任何形式修改网络请求和响应,也不会将请求发往您未设置的服务器。我们不在网页中插入任何广告或其他脚本。

SwitchyOmega 不提供任何代理服务器,也无法控制您设置的任何代理服务器。保证远程代理的可靠和安全是您自身的责任。 SwitchyOmega 无法阻止代理服务器跟踪您、在您的页面插入广告或者进行其他对您有害的行为。关于代理服务器本身的隐私政策,请咨询您的网络管理员或者代理服务器管理员。


SwitchyOmega 允许您在不同设备之间同步选项。同步是可选功能,且随时可以在选项 > 导入/导出 > 同步中关闭。

同步服务由 Chrome Sync 提供,而此服务会上传数据到谷歌。 Chrome Sync 需要您登录 Chrome,但此过程中 SwitchyOmega 无法获取您的账户信息。关于数据同步服务,请查看谷歌隐私政策


SwitchyOmega 允许您启用显示每个标签页未加载资源的功能。如果在选项 > 通用 > 网络请求中启用了此功能, SwitchyOmega 会统计加载失败的网络请求,并按照标签页和域名总计后,显示在图标数字角标和弹出菜单中供您查看。请求信息只在内存中进行短暂的处理,且只用于此功能的正常使用。我们不会将网络浏览行为信息储存在本地或上传至服务器。