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Enum Extend {#mainpage}

A C++ library that extends the functionality of enums.


C++, the STL and boost lack some often needed functionality in regard to enums:

  • It is not possible to iterate over all defined enumerated values.
  • There are no pre or postfix ++/-- operators to advance to the next defined enumerated value.
  • Often enumerated values needs a string representation to further operations - at least to log those into files.

Enum Extend Library Overview

The following is possible with this library:

  using enum_extend::range;
  using enum_extend::extender;
  using enum_extend::filtered_range;

  enum Color
    Red = 0, 
    Green = 4, 
    Blue = 8

  // Let's walk over all defined values
  for (auto c : range<Color>()) {
    // ...

  auto c = Color::Red;
  // we can increase as well

  // We iterate in reverse order over all defined values
  std::vector<Color> allReverseColors;

  // Just iterate over all values that match a certain criteria; 
  // usefull if the enumerated values are defined as combined bit fields
  auto FilterRed = [](Color c) { return c == Color::Red; };
  for (auto c : filtered_range<Color>(FilterRed)) {
    // Do just something with red values

  // easier can this be archived by the following macros:

  // for the header file
  #define MACROCOLOR_ENUM_SPEC (MacroColorEnum, (Red)(Green)(Blue))

  // for the cpp file

Macros exist as well for creating an enum class or a typed enum class.


A first tutorial is here A summary of all macros is here


Felix Petriconi (felix at petriconi.net)


Comments, feedback or contributions are welcome!


Boost 1.0 License


0.1 (alpha)


  • C++ 11 (partly, as far as Visual Studio 2013 supports it)
  • CMake 2.8 or later
  • Boost Preprocessor (1.55)
  • GoogleTest 1.7 (It is part of the repository, because it's CMakeFiles.txt needs some patches to compile with Visual Studio)


Compiler Status
Visual Studio 2013 x64 All tests pass
Clang 3.6 All tests pass

Installation Win

  • Clone into e.g. D:\misc\enum_extend
  • Create a build folder, eg D:\misc\enum_extend_build
  • Open a command prompt in that enum_extend_build
  • Have CMake in the path
  • Execute cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 Win64" ..\enum_extend
  • Open created solution in .\enum_extend_build\enum_library.sln
  • Compile and run all test


  • Doxygen documentation