A 2D Deferred lights implementation for Monogame
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Monolights 2D deferred lights

Implementation of a 2D deferred lights engine for Monogame. Inspired on the effect as used in the games Full Bore (Whole Hog Games), Hive Jump(Graphite Lab). Also see Sprite Lamp (Snake Hill Games) for a related tool.

  • LightingEngine, the sample application.
  • MonoLights, the actual implementation of the Deferred engine.

The example application

The running sample application should look like this:

Example screenshot

Run the application and use the following keys to toggle basic settings:

  • Mouse: use the mouse to move the light around (both lighttypes).
  • Left Mouse button: spawn a random pointlight at the mousepointer location
  • Right button: toggle between pointlight and spotlight
  • Left, Right: rotate the spotlight
  • Up, Down: Increase, decrease the light power (both lighttypes).
  • A, Z: Increase, decrease the 'Z' value of the light (both lighttypes).
  • S, X: Increase, decrease the light decay (both lighttypes).
  • D, C: Increase, decrease the beam width of the spotlight.
  • F1: Toggle drawing the debug (intermediate) rendertargets.