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mwikiircbot is an IRC bot that sits in one or more IRC channels and posts a livestream of recent changes from a MediaWiki to the channels. It uses the Python IRC bot framework.

This is mwikiircbot verson 1.1.0 (semver). The versioned API includes the usage pattern, as found in the docstring of


  • Make sure the Python IRC bot framework and docopt are in the module search path.

  • If your wiki is running MediaWiki 1.22 or higher, add a new entry to your $wgRCFeeds by adding the following to your LocalSettings.php:

    $wgRCFeeds['mwikiircbot'] = array(
        'formatter' => 'IRCColourfulRCFeedFormatter',
        'uri' => 'udp://localhost:51666', # replace 'localhost' with the hostname where mwikiircbot will run
        'add_interwiki_prefix' => false,
        'omit_bots' => true,
  • If your wiki is running MediaWiki 1.21 or lower:


See the docstring in

  • If specified, the bot will use <name> as its IRC nick. The default value is MediaWiki.
  • Upon startup, the bot will connect to the IRC server specified by <host> at port 6667, and join the <channel>s. Make sure to prefix the channels with #, and to escape the channel names when calling from a command line.
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