"You only get one! (match)" (YOGOM) is designed as a classic arcade of 80's, a fast paced platformer with original gameplay and ambiance. Made in python and pygame.
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You Only Get One, MATCH!
© 2014 Wingless Little People

Made with Python and Pygame

Macario is a pyrotechnician who is responsible for fireworks in different locations. He is so hopeless that he keeps losing his matchboxes, but at least he always manages to keep a single match! Help him get his job done while travelling with him around the globe. Light all the fireworks in each level before the match extinguishes. Use arrows to walk, jump, and crouch. Press down to light the fireworks in each level before the flame goes off. Mind the critters! If you fall or run too fast, the match will burn out faster.

SPACE and Z jumps too.

To play run the application file "game".

Press P or ESC for pause.

F12 will take a screenshot.

Other stuff:
If you like this game you can support it by spreading the word. Follow us at @winglesslittlep


The game does not store Hi-Score locally, sorry.

Who we are:
Wingless Little People are

Ruber Eaglenest: game design, graphics, animation.
Fenixin: concept, programming and engine.
Patricia Aguilera: graphics, character design, comics. cover.

With a little help of Ariadna Aguilera (5 years old) with sketches for 'that' special level.

Thanks to our testers Antonio Aguilera, Locomalito, Toni Martin (Pixels Mil).

Sounds and music by The MOONWALKERS http://wearethemoonwalkers.com/

Aditional credits:

Emulator and tandysoft fonts by Neale Davidson
Title font by Yuji Oshimoto

The game itself is free. Enjoy it and spread it.

Music and art has a Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs.
That means that you are free to copy and redistribute the art in any 
medium or format. But you must give appropriate credit, you may not use
the material for commercial purposes and you may not distribute the 
modified versions of the material.

Music is copyright of The Moonwalkers.

For more details: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/

Or consulting the license file "by-nc-nd_3.0.txt"

Source code is distributed by a GNU-GPL v3, see COPYING.txt for more info.