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Urho3D is a free lightweight, cross-platform 2D and 3D game engine implemented in C++ and released under the MIT license. Greatly inspired by OGRE and Horde3D.

Main website:

##License Licensed under the MIT license, see License.txt for details.

##Credits Urho3D development, contributions and bugfixes by:

  • Lasse Öörni (, AgentC at
  • Wei Tjong Yao
  • Aster Jian
  • Vivienne Anthony
  • Colin Barrett
  • Erik Beran
  • Danny Boisvert
  • Carlo Carollo
  • Pete Chown
  • Christian Clavet
  • Sebastian Delatorre (primitivewaste)
  • Josh Engebretson
  • Chris Friesen
  • Alex Fuller
  • Mika Heinonen
  • Jukka Jylänki
  • Graham King
  • Jason Kinzer
  • Gunnar Kriik
  • Ali Kämäräinen
  • Pete Leigh
  • Thorbjørn Lindeijer
  • Xavier Maupeu
  • Jonne Nauha
  • Paul Noome
  • David Palacios
  • Alex Parlett
  • Jordan Patterson
  • Anton Petrov
  • Vladimir Pobedinsky
  • Pranjal Raihan
  • Nick Royer
  • Miika Santala
  • Hualin Song
  • James Thomas
  • Joshua Tippetts
  • Yusuf Umar
  • Daniel Wiberg
  • Steven Zhang
  • AGreatFish
  • Enhex
  • Firegorilla
  • Lumak
  • Magic.Lixin
  • Mike3D
  • Modanung
  • MonkeyFirst
  • Newb I the Newbd
  • OvermindDL1
  • Skrylar
  • TheComet93
  • 1vanK
  • andmar1x
  • amadeus_osa
  • atship
  • att
  • celeron55
  • cosmy1
  • dragonCASTjosh
  • feltech
  • hdunderscore
  • marynate
  • mightyCelu
  • nemerle
  • ninjastone
  • raould
  • rasteron
  • reattiva
  • rifai
  • skaiware
  • ssinai1
  • svifylabs
  • szamq
  • thebluefish
  • tommy3
  • yushli

Urho3D is greatly inspired by OGRE ( and Horde3D ( Additional inspiration & research used:

Urho3D uses the following third-party libraries:

DXT / ETC1 / PVRTC decompression code based on the Squish library and the Oolong Engine. Jack and mushroom models from the realXtend project. ( Ninja model and terrain, water, smoke, flare and status bar textures from OGRE. BlueHighway font from Larabie Fonts. Anonymous Pro font by Mark Simonson. NinjaSnowWar sounds by Veli-Pekka Tätilä.

##Documentation Urho3D classes have been sparsely documented using Doxygen notation. To generate documentation into the "Docs" subdirectory, open the Doxyfile in the "Docs" subdirectory with doxywizard and click "Run doxygen" from the "Run" tab. Get Doxygen from & Graphviz from See section "Documentation build" below on how to automate documentation generation as part of the build process.

The documentation is also available online at

Documentation on how to build Urho3D: Documentation on how to use Urho3D as external library

Replace HEAD with a specific release version in the above links to obtain the documentation pertinent to the specified release. Alternatively, use the document-switcher in the documentation website to do so.

##History The change history is available online at