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All configuration is in src/main/resources/application.conf. DB runs in two modes - client, and storage shard. Client configuration is in "client" section. Most interesting values are:

  • tcp_port - listens for incoming commands via telnet
  • http_port - listens for incoming commands via http
  • akka.remote.netty.tcp.hostname and akka.remote.netty.tcp.port - hostname and port to listen for messages from storage shards

Storage shards configurations are in storage.instances array.

  • name - any value. commit log for this shard will be prefixed with this name. Also, name is used for remote addressing
  • path - folder to store snapshots. This folder must exists, shard doesn't currently check if it is exists on start :)
  • min_key and max_key - interval for shard keys
  • max_files_on_disk - threshold for compactification of snapshots


  • mvn clean package

jar with libs will be in ./target/ Make sure that your protobuf compiler version matches version in pom.xml