#cl-cffi-gtk on Freenode. A Lisp binding to GTK+3. SBCL/CCL/ABCL (ECL/CLISP unstable)
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cl-cffi-gtk is a Lisp binding to GTK+ 3 (GIMP Toolkit) which is a library
for creating graphical user interfaces. cl-cffi-gtk is licensed using the LGPL
which has been adopted with a preamble that clarifies the terms for use with
Lisp programs and is referred as the LLGPL.

This work is based on the cl-gtk2 library which has been developed by
Kalyanov Dmitry and already is a fairly complete Lisp binding to GTK+.

The focus of this work is to document the library more complete and to
do the implementation as consistent as possible. Most informations about GTK+
can be gained by reading the C documentation. Therefore, a modified version of
the C documentation from http://www.gtk.org is included into the Lisp files to
document the Lisp binding to the GTK+ library. The API documentation is
available online at http://www.crategus.com/books/cl-cffi-gtk/

Examples of the usage are included in a gtk-demo and tutorial examples. Start
with the tutorial available online at
http://www.crategus.com/books/cl-gtk/gtk-tutorial.html to learn how to use the

Look at the wiki at http://github.com/crategus/cl-cffi-gtk/wiki for news
about the development of the library.

At this time, the library is developed and tested with SBCL 1.1.9 on a
Linux system (Ubuntu). Futhermore, the library is tested with Clozure Common
Lisp 1.9 and CLISP 2.49 on Linux. The minium version requirements are GTK+ 3.4
and GLIB 2.32.

The library compiles and runs under Windows 7, but when moving an application
window the application will freeze. This bug is not solved at this time.