An implementation of HTSQL.
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CL-HTSQL - An implementation of HTSQL.

Copyright (C) 2015 Olof-Joachim Frahm

Release under a Simplified BSD license.

Protoype state.


This library firstly provides a parser for the HTSQL syntax, with some features that make it more useful for the Common Lisp environment; however these can be turned off if one-to-one compatibility is required. The result of a parse is a syntax tree consisting of S-expressions, keywords and literals (as strings and/or parsed).

This tree may also be rendered back into string format with a pretty printer.

Secondly, a translation of queries to the CLSQL library is provided. Again, some particular additional features are provided and some features may be missing.


Use PARSE-HTSQL-QUERY to get back a raw syntax tree:

> (parse-htsql-query "/x.y.z")
      (:IDENTIFIER "x")
      (:IDENTIFIER "y"))
     (:IDENTIFIER "z")))