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CL-ORG-MODE-PARSER - Parsing org-mode files.

Copyright (C) 2013 Olof-Joachim Frahm

Released under a Simplified BSD license.

Implementations currently running on: SBCL. Should be portable though.

Uses fiveam for testing and a couple of general purpose libraries.

There are actually a lot of other packages for the same purpose. The aim of this one is to parse org-mode files via a SAX-like event interface into e.g. CLOS-based documents and to offer some options with regards to parsed elements, interning of tags and similar things.

The parser is currently line- and regex-based, however it might be feasible to use a parser generator instead. For that the syntax description at worg is canonical and should probably be used.


Provided you have a handler, parsing a document is in the simplest case only a call to PARSE, which by default uses DOCUMENT-BUILDER:

> (cl-org-mode-parser:parse #P"")
> =>
> #<CL-ORG-MODE-PARSER:DOCUMENT with 2 nodes {1003867DA3}>


Although there are already some test files, it would generally be nice to compare a lot of libraries and their handling of various edge cases. This includes e.g. missing spaces between elements, which however could still be parsed by relaxing the rules a bit (and providing an option to toggle this behaviour).


  • figure out whether the CHARACTERS handler should remain line-based, or be like in SAX with arbitrary chunks of text as input
  • how much trouble is the whole "keep the printed representation" really (worth)?
  • basic roundtrip
  • include line/column information in errors
  • proper subclasses for (continuable) errors
  • parse a lot more special syntax (tables, drawers, ...)