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This is a package to run TeX and its derivatives while also collecting additional information about the generated files and so forth.

While we provide manual methods by which the renderer can be run, it is far more worthwile to use some sort of file monitor facility like CL-INOTIFY, which allows us to monitor the run, looking for interesting files.

Currently runs only SBCL, although there are not many reasons for this restriction.

Requires cl-inotify and osicat in particular. A replacement for SB-EXT:RUN-PROGRAM would be nice, although it would require integration with an event handler library, e.g. iolib.


Provide the filename and the defaults should be sensible (i.e. pdflatex with PDF output). Otherwise there are many things to configure; you may even supply additional parameters to the underlying RUN-PROGRAM, or a similar facility to execute other programs.

> (tex "filename")
=> "/home/username/"
   (#P"filename.log" #P"filename.pdf" #P"filename.aux")

Errors are raised if the corresponding parameter :TEX-ERROR is set (:ERROR is already used by the underlying RUN-PROGRAM). Currently the condition TEX-RUNTIME-ERROR for problems concerning the process structure exists. The slots PROCESS contains the SB-IMPL::PROCESS structure and WRITTEN-FILES contains a LIST of written files, if those were collected via the :COLLECT-WRITTEN-FILES parameter (T by default).

> (tex "no-such-filename")
=> TeX quit with non-zero exit status.
      [Condition of type TEX-RUNTIME-ERROR]

Using :INPUT-FORMAT and :OUTPUT-FORMAT the best path through all renderers and postprocessing tools may be automatically derived.

The input format is determined by looking at the first 4k byte of the file and looking for patterns (currently only "documentclass" to check for LaTeX, everything else is regarded as TeX files).

E.g. given a regular LaTeX file the following interaction allows a succinct way to describe the desired output:

> (tex "data/test-2.tex" :output-format :ps)
=> #P"test-2.ps"
   (#P"test-2.aux" #P"test-2.pdf" #P"test-2.log" #P"test-2.ps")

Behind the scenes the best path was derived as :LUALATEX :PDF :PDFTOPS, which means running LuaLaTeX producing a PDF file (which is also the default for that renderer) and then postprocessing the output with "pdftops" (or "pdf2ps", if that program wasn't available on the machine).

This facility is quite flexible and may even be efficient if some more work is put into caching the results of the program lookup in the environment PATH variable. The current render route only allows for one conversion at all, so it would need to be fixed for machines without the necessary direct converters.