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;;; -*- mode: lisp; syntax: common-lisp; coding: utf-8; package: generate; -*-
(in-package #:generate)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defun make-doctype (root public system)
(concatenate 'string "<!DOCTYPE " root " PUBLIC \"" public "\" \"" system "\">"))
(defmacro define-constant (name value &optional doc)
"Defines a constant even if it's already bound."
`(defconstant ,name (if (boundp ',name) (symbol-value ',name) ,value)
,@(when doc (list doc)))))
(define-constant +dtd-xhtml-11-public+ "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN")
(define-constant +dtd-xhtml-11-system+ "")
(define-constant +dtd-xhtml-11+ (make-doctype "html" +dtd-xhtml-11-public+ +dtd-xhtml-11-system+))
(define-constant +decl-xml-10+ "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>")
(define-constant +xmlns-xhtml+ "")
(define-constant +xmlns-xsl+ "")
(define-constant +standard-prologue-xhtml+ (concatenate 'string +decl-xml-10+ +dtd-xhtml-11+))
(defvar *web-stream* NIL)
(defvar website-title "Crosslink")
(defvar website-navigation '(("Blag" . "blag-0.xhtml")
("Universität" . "university.xhtml")
("Programmierung" . "programming.xhtml")
("Kontakt" . "contact.xhtml")))
(defvar *website-static* T)
(defvar *website-time-format* +rfc-1123-format+)
(defvar *tags-page* "tags.xhtml")
(defvar *timeline-page* "timeline.xhtml")
(defextension (include-plain :arguments ((pathname :required))
:insertp t)
(ecase phase
(with-open-file (stream (markdown::find-include-file pathname))
(let ((seq (make-string (file-length stream))))
(read-sequence seq stream)
(defun res (file type)
(ecase type
(:media (conc "media/" file))
(:documents (conc "media/documents/" file))))
(defun png (file &optional (type :media))
(res (conc file ".png") type))
(defmacro with-html (&body body)
`(with-html-output (*web-stream* *web-stream*) ,@body))
(defun image (src &optional title (alt title))
(:img :src src :alt alt :title title)))
(defun princ-to-string-downcase (object)
(string-downcase (princ-to-string object)))
(defun link (url &optional (fun/str url) &key (title fun/str) class id rel rev)
(:a :href url :title title :class class :id id :rel rel :rev rev
(etypecase fun/str
(symbol (htm (princ-to-string-downcase fun/str)))
(function (funcall fun/str))
(string (str fun/str))
(null NIL)))))
(defmacro with-link ((url &optional title &key class id rel rev) &body body)
`(link ,url (lambda () (with-html ,@body))
:title ,title :class ,class :id ,id :rel ,rel :rev ,rev))
(defun link/image (url src &optional title (alt title) class id rel rev)
(with-link (url title :class class :id id :rel rel :rev rev)
(image src title alt)))
(defun stylesheet (pathname)
(:link :rel "stylesheet" :type "text/css" :href pathname)))
(defun script (pathname)
(:script :src pathname :type "text/javascript")))
(defun website-navigation ()
(:ul :id "site-navigation"
(dolist (item website-navigation)
(htm (:li (link (cdr item) (car item))))))))
(defun standard-template (fun &optional title (lang 'en) &aux (str-lang (if lang (princ-to-string-downcase lang) "en")))
(with-html-output (*web-stream* *web-stream* :prologue (str +standard-prologue-xhtml+))
:xmlns +xmlns-xhtml+
:xmlns\:html +xmlns-xhtml+
:xml\:lang str-lang
(:head :profile ""
(:meta :http-equiv "Content-Type" :content "application/xhtml+xml; charset=utf-8")
(:title (str website-title)
(when title (str (conc " - " (princ-to-string title)))))
(stylesheet "media/light.css"))
(:div :id "header" "H41L 3R1S!")
(:div :id "content" (funcall fun))
(:div :id "credits"
(:p "created using " (link "" "CL-WHO") ", " (link "" "CL-MARKDOWN") " and " (link "" "SBCL") ", &copy; 2008-2009 by Olof-Joachim Frahm")
(:p "all source code is provided under the GPL version 3.0 or higher, all media content "
"including the website under a "
(link ""
"Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Germany Licence"
:title "Creative Commons Licence"
:rel "licence")))
(:ul :id "icons"
(:li (link/image ""
(png "lisp")
"Made with secret alien technology"))
(:li (link/image ""
(png "cc-by-nc-sa-de-80x15")
"Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 Germany Licence"
"Creative Commons Licence"))
(:li (link/image ""
(png "w3c-xhtml11-valid")
"Valid XHTML 1.1 Strict!"))
(:li (link/image ""
(png "w3c-css-valid")
"Valid CSS 2!"))
(:li (link/image ""
(png "hail-discordia")
"All Hail Discordia!"))
(:li (link/image ""
(png "xfn")
"XHTML Friends Network"))
(:li (link/image ""
(png "deviantart")
"My page at Deviantart"
:rel "me"))
(:li (link/image ""
(png "hacker")
"Hacker :p"))
(:li (image (png "dead-plants") "Plants are living beings too!" "Dead Plants")))
(:div :id "footer" "4LL H41L D1SCORD14!")))))
(defmacro with-standard-template ((&key title (lang ''en)) &body body)
`(standard-template (lambda () (with-html ,@body)) ,title ,lang))
;; TODO: memoize and or cache this using modification time
(defun embedded-meta-data (pathname)
(with-open-file (stream pathname)
(do ((char (read-char stream nil stream)
(read-char stream nil stream)))
((or (eq char #\Newline) (eq char stream)))
(when (eql char #\()
(unread-char char stream)
(return-from embedded-meta-data (read stream))))))
(defun split-seconds (seconds)
(setq seconds (floor seconds))
(let ((min) (hour) (day) (week))
(let ((tmp (floor (/ seconds (* 60 60 24 7)))))
(setq week tmp
seconds (- seconds (* tmp 60 60 24 7))))
(let ((tmp (floor (/ seconds (* 60 60 24)))))
(setq day tmp
seconds (- seconds (* tmp 60 60 24))))
(let ((tmp (floor (/ seconds (* 60 60)))))
(setq hour tmp
seconds (- seconds (* tmp 60 60))))
(let ((tmp (floor (/ seconds 60))))
(setq min tmp
seconds (- seconds (* tmp 60))))
(unless (> week 4)
(values seconds min hour day week))))
(defun format-timediff (action time-a time-b)
(multiple-value-bind (sec min hour day week)
(split-seconds (timestamp-difference time-a time-b))
(when sec
(let ((fmt-sec (unless (or (eq sec 0)
(> hour 0)
(> week 0)
(> day 0))
(format NIL "~:[~D~;~R~] second~:p" (<= sec 12) sec)))
(fmt-min (unless (or (eq min 0)
(> week 0)
(> day 0))
(format NIL "~:[~D~;~R~] minute~:p" (<= min 12) min)))
(fmt-hour (unless (or (eq hour 0)
(> day 0))
(format NIL "~:[~D~;~R~] hour~:p" (<= hour 12) hour)))
(fmt-day (unless (eq day 0)
(format NIL "~:[~D~;~R~] day~:p" (<= day 12) day)))
(fmt-week (unless (eq week 0)
(format NIL "~R week~:p" week)))
(result NIL))
(dolist (item (list fmt-sec fmt-min fmt-hour fmt-day fmt-week))
(when item (setq result (conc result (unless (eq (length result) 0) ", ") item))))
(conc action " " result " ago")))))
(defun format-last-changed (timestamp &optional (static *website-static*))
(let ((unix (timestamp-to-unix timestamp)))
(aif (and (not static)
(format-timediff "last changed" (now) unix))
(conc "last changed on " (format-timestring NIL timestamp :format *website-time-format*)))))
(defun format-created (timestamp &optional (static *website-static*))
(aif (and (not static)
(format-timediff "created" (now) timestamp))
(conc "created on " (format-timestring NIL timestamp :format *website-time-format*))))
(defun name-from-pathname (pathname)
(let ((name (pathname-name pathname)))
(aif (position #\- name)
(substitute #\Space #\- (subseq name (1+ it)))
(defun meta-data (pathname)
(let* ((meta (embedded-meta-data pathname))
(stat (sb-posix:stat pathname))
(passwd (sb-posix:getpwuid (sb-posix:stat-uid stat))))
(unless (assoc 'authors meta)
(setq meta (cons `(authors ,(sb-posix:passwd-gecos passwd)) meta)))
(unless (assoc 'last-changed meta)
(setq meta (cons `(last-changed ,(unix-to-timestamp (sb-posix:stat-mtime stat))) meta)))
(unless (assoc 'title meta)
(setq meta (cons `(title ,(name-from-pathname pathname)) meta)))
(awhen (assoc 'created meta)
(rplacd it (list (unix-to-timestamp (cadr it)))))
(defun meta-title (meta)
(cadr (assoc 'title meta)))
(defun meta-authors (meta)
(cadr (assoc 'authors meta)))
(defun meta-last-changed (meta)
(cadr (assoc 'last-changed meta)))
(defun meta-created (meta)
(cadr (assoc 'created meta)))
(defun meta-lang (meta)
(cadr (assoc 'lang meta)))
(defun blag-tags (tags)
(:ul :class "tags"
(dolist (tag (mapcar #'princ-to-string-downcase tags))
(htm (:li (link (puri:merge-uris (conc "#" tag) *tags-page*) tag)))))))
(defun blag-authors (authors)
(:span :class "authors"
"by " (etypecase authors
(string (str authors))))))
(defun blag-time (meta)
(let ((last-changed (meta-last-changed meta)))
(awhen (meta-created meta)
(format-created it))
;; actually, this kinda sucks, just keep it simple
;; (aif (meta-created meta)
;; (if (timestamp> last-changed it)
;; (format-last-changed last-changed)
;; (format-created it))
;; (format-last-changed last-changed))
(defun blag-meta (meta)
(if (blag-time meta)
(:div :class "meta"
(awhen (blag-time meta)
(htm (:span :class "time" (str it))))
;;" "
;; (blag-authors (meta-authors meta))
(defun render-markdown (pathname)
(markdown:markdown pathname
:stream *web-stream*
:properties '((:search-locations "../"))
:render-extensions '(include-plain)))
(let ((regex (ppcre:create-scanner "[^a-zA-Z0-9\-_.:]")))
(defun blag-id (pathname)
(declare (type (or string pathname) pathname))
(when (pathnamep pathname)
(setq pathname (pathname-name pathname)))
(setf pathname (regex-replace-all regex pathname "-"))
(if (member (aref pathname 0) '(#\0 #\1 #\2 #\3 #\4 #\5 #\6 #\7 #\8 #\9))
(conc "post-" pathname)
;;(substitute #\- #\Space pathname :test #'eq)
;; (ironclad:byte-array-to-hex-string
;; (ironclad:digest-sequence
;; :md5 (ironclad:ascii-string-to-byte-array (if (pathnamep pathname)
;; (princ-to-string pathname)
;; pathname))))
(defun blag-post (page pathname)
;; TODO: add more information using stat
;; TODO: enhance this with git
;; sb-posix:stat
(declare (special *tags*))
(let* ((meta (meta-data pathname))
(title (meta-title meta))
(id (blag-id title))
(page-ref (conc (princ-to-string page) "#" id)))
(declare (special *timeline-stream*))
(with-html-output (stream *timeline-stream*)
(:li (:a :href page-ref :title title (str title))))
(:div :class "post" :id id :xml\:lang (awhen (meta-lang meta)
(princ-to-string-downcase it))
(when title (htm (:h3 :class "title" (str title))))
(blag-meta meta)
(render-markdown pathname)
(awhen (assoc 'tags meta)
(dolist (tag (cdr it))
(push (cons page-ref title)
(gethash tag *tags*)))
(blag-tags (cdr it)))))))
(defun blag-navigation (index n)
(:ul :class "blag-navigation"
(unless (eq index 0)
(htm (:li (link (conc "blag-" (princ-to-string (1- index)) ".xhtml")
"prev" :title "Previous Page" :rel "prev"))))
;;until (eq n 1)
for i from 0 to (1- n)
do (htm (:li (if (eq i index)
(str (princ-to-string (1+ i)))
(link (conc "blag-" (princ-to-string i) ".xhtml")
(princ-to-string (1+ i))
:title (format NIL "~:(~:R~) Page" (1+ i)))))))
(unless (eq index (1- n))
(htm (:li (link (conc "blag-" (princ-to-string (1+ index)) ".xhtml")
"next" :title "Next Page" :rel "next")))))))
(defun generate-blag-page (pathname posts index n)
(with-open-file (*web-stream* pathname
:if-exists :supersede :if-does-not-exist :create
:direction :output)
(with-standard-template (:title (if (> index 0)
(conc "Blag - Page " (princ-to-string index))
(blag-navigation index n)
(dolist (post posts)
(blag-post pathname post))
(blag-navigation index n))))
(defun generate-blag-tags-page ()
(declare (special *tags*))
(with-open-file (*web-stream* *tags-page*
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create
:direction :output)
(with-standard-template (:title "Blag - Tags")
for tag being each hash-key of *tags* using (hash-value values)
(let ((tag (princ-to-string-downcase tag)))
(htm (:dt :id tag (str tag))
(:dd (:ul
(dolist (value values)
(htm (:li (link (car value) (cdr value))))))))))))))
(defun generate-blag-pages (pathname posts-directory &optional (posts-per-page 10))
(let* ((wildcard (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :name :wild :type "md")
(posts (reverse (directory wildcard)))
(n (ceiling (/ (list-length posts) posts-per-page)))
(*tags* (make-hash-table)))
(declare (special *tags*))
(with-open-file (*timeline-stream* *timeline-page*
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create
:direction :output)
(declare (special *timeline-stream*))
(let ((*web-stream* *timeline-stream*))
(with-standard-template (:title "Blag - Timeline")
(do* ((index 0 (1+ index))
(sub-posts (subseq posts 0 (min (list-length posts) posts-per-page))
(subseq rest-posts 0 (min (list-length rest-posts) posts-per-page)))
(rest-posts (when (>= (list-length posts) posts-per-page)
(subseq posts posts-per-page))
(when (>= (list-length rest-posts) posts-per-page)
(subseq rest-posts posts-per-page)))
(single-pathname (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :name (conc (pathname-name pathname) "-" (princ-to-string index)))
(merge-pathnames (make-pathname :name (conc (pathname-name pathname) "-" (princ-to-string index)))
((null sub-posts))
(generate-blag-page single-pathname sub-posts index n)))))
(defun generate-static-page (pathname)
(let ((meta (meta-data pathname)))
(with-open-file (*web-stream* (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :type "xhtml") pathname)
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create
:direction :output)
(with-standard-template (:title (meta-title meta) :lang (meta-lang meta))
(cl-markdown:markdown pathname
:stream *web-stream*
:properties '((:search-locations "../"))
:render-extensions '(include-plain))))))
;; (defun generate-static-page (pathname)
;; (with-open-file (page-stream pathname)
;; (let ((char (read-char page-stream))
;; (alist)
;; (seq))
;; (unread-char char page-stream)
;; (when (eql char #\()
;; (setf alist (read page-stream)))
;; (setq seq (make-string (file-length page-stream)))
;; (read-sequence seq page-stream)
;; )))
(defun generate-google-sitemap (&optional (baseurl ""))
(labels ((loc (location)
(with-html (:loc (str (conc baseurl location))))))
(with-open-file (*web-stream* "sitemap.xml"
:if-exists :supersede
:if-does-not-exist :create
:direction :output)
(with-html-output (*web-stream* *web-stream* :prologue +decl-xml-10+)
(:urlset :xmlns ""
:xmlns\:xsi ""
:xsi\:schemeLocation ""
(:url (loc "blag-0.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2009-02-28")
(:changefreq "weekly")
(:priority 1.0))
(:url (loc "blag-1.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2009-02-28")
(:changefreq "weekly")
(:priority 1.0))
(:url (loc "blag-2.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2009-02-28")
(:changefreq "weekly")
(:priority 1.0))
(:url (loc "tags.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2009-02-28")
(:changefreq "weekly")
(:priority 0.5))
(:url (loc "timeline.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2009-02-28")
(:changefreq "weekly")
(:priority 0.5))
(:url (loc "university.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2008-10-01")
(:changefreq "never")
(:priority 0.2))
(:url (loc "contact.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2008-10-01")
(:changefreq "never")
(:priority 0.2))
(:url (loc "programming.xhtml")
(:lastmod "2008-10-01")
(:changefreq "never")
(:priority 0.1)))))))
(defun generate-static-pages ()
(dolist (file (directory "*.md"))
(generate-static-page file)))
;;; TODO: clear up timeline using a separate loop for months and years
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