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(in-package #:utils-frahm)
(defmacro define-symbol-p (prefix &optional (function NIL function-p))
"Defines a symbol prefix matcher. It's named PREFIX-SYMBOL-P if
FUNCTION isn't specified. PREFIX has to be either a STRING or a SYMBOL."
(check-type prefix (or string symbol))
(unless (stringp prefix)
(setf prefix (mkstr prefix)))
(unless function-p
(setf function (symb prefix '#:-symbol-p)))
(let ((length (length prefix)))
`(defun ,function (symbol)
(when (symbolp symbol)
(let ((name (symbol-name symbol)))
(and (> (length name) ,length)
(string= name ,prefix :start1 0 :end1 ,length)))))))
(define-symbol-p #:G!)
(define-symbol-p #:O!)
(defun o!-symbol-to-g!-symbol (symbol)
"Converts a O!FOO symbol to G!FOO."
(symb "G!" (subseq (symbol-name symbol) 2)))
(defun !-symbol-p (symbol)
"Checks if SYMBOL is a bang symbol (any symbol with a \"!\" as the
second character of the symbol name."
(when (symbolp symbol)
(let ((name (symbol-name symbol)))
(and (> (length name) 2)
(string= name "!" :start1 1 :end1 2)))))
(defun any!-symbol-p (symbol &rest prefixes)
"Returns T if the SYMBOL is a bang symbol with any of the PREFIXES."
(when (symbolp symbol)
(let ((name (symbol-name symbol)))
(when (> (length name) 2)
(let ((c0 (aref name 0)))
(and (char= #\! (aref name 1))
(some (lambda (prefix)
(char= c0 prefix))
(defun !-symbol-to-symbol (symbol)
"Creates a new interned symbol by stripping the bang prefix off the
symbol name."
(symb (subseq (symbol-name symbol) 2)))
(defun recursive-!-symbol-to-symbol (list)
"Sames as !-SYMBOL-TO-SYMBOL but recurses on lists."
(do-mapcar ((x list))
((and (symbolp x) (any!-symbol-p x #\O #\G)) (!-symbol-to-symbol x))
((listp x) (recursive-!-symbol-to-symbol x))
(T x))))