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(in-package #:utils-frahm)
;;;; tools from let over lambda
;;; defmacro! helpers
(defmacro defmacro/g! (name args &rest body)
(multiple-value-bind (forms decls doc)
#-sbcl (parse-body body)
#+sbcl (sb-int:parse-body body)
(let ((syms (remove-duplicates (remove-if-not #'g!-symbol-p (flatten body)))))
`(defmacro ,name ,args
,.(when doc (list doc))
(let ,(mapcar (lambda (s) `(,s (gensym ,(subseq (symbol-name s) 2)))) syms)
(defmacro defmacro! (name args &rest body)
"Defines a macro like the standard DEFMACRO except that all arguments
starting with \"O!\" are evaluated only once via LET and than are
available via a \"G!\" prefix. Symbols with a \"G!\" prefix generate
a shared new uninterned symbol via GENSYM. If a macro defined with this
returns multiple values, the second is an alist with possible members
:LET-P and :IGNORABLE-P which are enabled by default and may disable the
use of the LET bound variables and the added IGNORABLE declaration."
(multiple-value-bind (forms decls doc)
#-sbcl (parse-body body)
#+sbcl (sb-int:parse-body body)
(let* ((os (remove-if-not #'o!-symbol-p (flatten args)))
(gs (mapcar #'o!-symbol-to-g!-symbol os))
(result (gensym "RESULT"))
(options (gensym "OPTIONS")))
`(defmacro/g! ,name ,(recursive-!-symbol-to-symbol args)
,.(when doc (list doc))
(block ,(symb '#:outer- name)
(multiple-value-bind (,result ,options)
(block ,name ,.forms)
(when ,result
;; if let-p isn't present (assoc returns NIL) or if its associated
;; value isn't NIL, that is, T, LET-bind those variables
(if (alet (assoc :let-p ,options :test #'eq)
(if it (cdr it) T))
`(let ,(mapcar #'list (list ,.gs) (list ,.(mapcar #'!-symbol-to-symbol os)))
,.(when (alet (assoc :ignorable-p ,options)
(and (if it (cdr it) T) ,(not (null gs))))
`((declare (ignorable ,.(list ,.gs)))))