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(in-package #:utils-frahm)
;;; modified from sbcl src/code/parse-body.lisp
;;;; This software is part of the SBCL system. See the README file for
;;;; more information.
;;;; This software is derived from the CMU CL system, which was
;;;; written at Carnegie Mellon University and released into the
;;;; public domain. The software is in the public domain and is
;;;; provided with absolutely no warranty. See the COPYING and CREDITS
;;;; files for more information.
(defun parse-body (body &key (doc-string-allowed t) toplevel)
(let (reversed-decls doc)
;; Since we don't have macros like AND, OR, and NOT yet, it's hard
;; to express these tests clearly. Giving them names seems to help
;; a little bit.
(flet ((doc-string-p (x remaining-forms)
(when (and (stringp x) doc-string-allowed remaining-forms)
(if doc (error "duplicate doc string ~S" x) T)))
(declaration-p (x)
(when (consp x)
(case (car x)
(declare T)
(unless toplevel
;; technically legal, but rather unlikely to
;; be what the user meant to do...
#+sbcl (sb-int:style-warn "DECLAIM where DECLARE was probably intended")
#-sbcl (warn "DECLAIM where DECLARE was probably intended")))
(T NIL)))))
(do () ((null body))
(let ((form1 (first body))
(rest (rest body)))
((doc-string-p form1 rest) (setf doc form1))
((declaration-p form1) (push form1 reversed-decls))
(T (return)))
(setf body rest)))
(values body (nreverse reversed-decls) doc))))