The simplest "Docker Multistage Build" example ever.
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The simplest "Docker Multistage Build" example ever.

An incredibly simple example of Docker's Multistage Builds.. in part because they are incredibly simple themselves.

Check out the Docco documentation of what's actually going on, and the accompanying blog post which covers why this is probably something you should be doing, as well as a few of the pitfalls and their mitigations.


Simply git clone ... this repository and run docker build .: bonus points if you don't have any of the Go toolkit installed.

$ docker build .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  588.8kB
Step 1/10 : FROM golang:alpine
 ---> 52d894fca6d4
Step 2/10 : WORKDIR /usr/src/app
Removing intermediate container a01877a39214
 ---> 35a6f54f8056
Step 3/10 : COPY . .
 ---> 1d509aff8f31
Step 4/10 : RUN go build -v -o MultiStageExample
 ---> Running in 04b213adbb5c
Removing intermediate container 04b213adbb5c
 ---> a36ad17a2bb2
Step 5/10 : FROM alpine
latest: Pulling from library/alpine
ff3a5c916c92: Already exists 
Digest: sha256:7df6db5aa61ae9480f52f0b3a06a140ab98d427f86d8d5de0bedab9b8df6b1c0
Status: Downloaded newer image for alpine:latest
 ---> 3fd9065eaf02
Step 6/10 : MAINTAINER Fergus In London <>
 ---> Running in 6d48c333f627
Removing intermediate container 6d48c333f627
 ---> bdc26c2454d6
Step 7/10 : WORKDIR /var/app/example
Removing intermediate container daf9eac0d6ed
 ---> a33e047f8f90
Step 8/10 : COPY --from=0 /usr/src/app/MultiStageExample .
 ---> 04f49b7b8f00
Step 9/10 : RUN chmod +x MultiStageExample
 ---> Running in bf73cbeeefbf
Removing intermediate container bf73cbeeefbf
 ---> 7e2a32eb402d
Step 10/10 : ENTRYPOINT ["/var/app/example/MultiStageExample"]
 ---> Running in 574da5e1462b
Removing intermediate container 574da5e1462b
 ---> 86b2413a096c
Successfully built 86b2413a096c
$ docker run 86b2413a096c
 Hello World!