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InflationCoin - IFLT

InflationCoin is an X11 PoW/PoS coin. It is a coin that integrated with true random super bonus block features. It uses high PoS as a way of distributing coins fairly to the community.

  • X11 hash algorithm, PoW/PoS mixed
  • 5 transaction confirmations
  • 70 minted block confirmations
  • The coin will be a pure PoS coin after 3 months of PoW mining
  • Initial stake distribution: 250 million IFLT

PoW details:

  • 60 sec PoW block target time
  • difficulty retarget each block for PoW
  • Payout will be 1,000 coins per block
  • Every day there will be a random super block with 1000X normal payment (1,000,000 coins), it is true randomness and can't be taken advantage by big hashpowers
  • PoW will be terminated after 90 days.

PoS details:

  • 60 sec PoS block time
  • diff retarget each block for PoS
  • minimum hold for PoS: 24 hours
  • maximum hold for PoS: 60 days
  • Variable PoS annual payout rate:
    • 1st year: 800%
    • 2nd year: 80%
    • 3rd year: 8%
    • subsequent years: 4%

Ports: connection: 11370 RPC: 11371